Card withdrawals abroad: several hundred crowns

Are you going to bark outside the homeland for the new year and ask how much vs this flight will come? Bad on how you break up. He decides to pay a pot with a reservation, for example in the form of a payment card. Do you know how much it will cost when you direct your steps to an ATM abroad?

Combine means of payment

With a certain amount of foreign currency, an expression abroad is about everywhere. It is very easy for me to find that a well-filled path gets out of hand, unfortunately including financial costs. Therefore, you always have to pay several means of payment in advance. In addition to cash, a payment card can help me abroad.

I prefer a plate

The payment card itself, in addition to easy access to cash (and by withdrawing from an ATM, or through it at a cash desk, so-called cash advance), can also provide a non-cash castle for goods and services, free of charge. Therefore, if it is not absolutely necessary to pay the type of parties in cash, preferably by payment card.

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Collection fees will be charged

If, in the case of using payment cards abroad, the first toll service will be exchanged for them – withdrawal from an ATM, you must take into account the type of card you intend to issue. Fees for credit card withdrawal are usually not with a debit card withdrawal (eg SOB charges a cash credit withdrawal abroad with 80 K + 1.5% of the selected item, where a foreign debit card with a debit card 80 K + 0.5% of selected contacts).

Nejdra is pepka

It is evident that choosing a card abroad is generally quite expensive. If you do not have another bag and cash abroad, you just have to withdraw the oven, definitely do not want to go to the bank. The most expensive way to get your own pension through a payment card is by cash advance. The fee for this transaction is on average one percent higher than the fee for withdrawals abroad from an ATM (eg Raiffeisenbank collects 1.25% for cash withdrawals with a cash card, at least 200 crowns compared to 1%, at least 125 crowns for vbr card from an ATM abroad).

You fees for international transactions, including withdrawals from ATMs abroad, are a consequence of the so-called interchange fee (ie fees that you cross the bank’s castle). It is now possible to see how there are differences in the fees for withdrawals from ATMs abroad between domestic banks. Their overview is contained in table no. The final value depends on the wall that you actually select from the ATM.

Tab .: Overview of fees for cash withdrawal by debit card from an ATM abroad

Bank Fee -% of selected
Komern bank 1%, min. 100 K
GE Money Bank 0,5% + 100 K
Raiffeisenbank 1%, min. 125 K
eBanka 1.5%, min. 140 K
BAWAG Bank 2.5%, min. 80 K
Volksbank 75 K + 0,5%
29 K *
UNDER 80 K + 0,5%
5 K **
Potovn spoitelna 80 K + 0,5%
5 K **
Citibank 100 K + 0,5%
esk spoitelna 100 K + 0,5%
25 K + 0,5% ***
HVB Bank 100 K + 0,5%
ivnostensk bank 105 K + 0,5%

* Holiday Card, payment for the evening of collection at ATMs abroad
** SOB ATMs in R and Slovakia
*** Erste Group ATMs – Austria, Slovakia, Croatia and Hungary

Source: banks

The transaction abroad is converted by the exchange rate of the VISA and Mastercard associations from the transaction currency to the settlement currency VISA – USD, Mastercard – EUR. From this settlement currency (USD and EUR) the exchange rate is the foreign exchange sale of the bank (eg transactions in EUR and kept in CZK) valid on the day of processing the transaction. If a transaction is made abroad in the currency conducted here, then no conversion will take place.

Pay at least for a withdrawal from an ATM abroad at Volksbank CZ, provided that you are a holder of a Holiday Card. This vbr vs will cost only 29 crowns. On the contrary, BAWAG Bank offers the most expensive foreign money from an ATM, namely 2.5% of the selected amount, min. 80 crowns.

The indisputable advantage of the combination of means of payment is that they complement each other appropriately and create a sufficient financial reserve on our travels. It is definitely better to prepare for all the scenes that can occur abroad. One of the ways to do this is to take your first payment card with you, and thus ensure the possibility of its immediate use. It not only gets on my nerves, but also a lot of possible further redundancies and a lot of money.

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