Call the insurance company, even if you are damaged in traffic accidents

After accidents that you did not cause, simply call your insurance company and the one in the back, you do not have to say anything. Your insurance company will take away repairs, pay for repairs and pay the castle costs with the insurance company. You shouldn’t even add anything. This is not a dream idea, this is a pm liquidation.

The new pm likvidacese appeared on the eskm market last autumn. Some people offer it for free, elsewhere you have to pay for it. For example, Kooperativa stokorunu msn. Slubu nabz seven pojioven.

Something similar was prepared by the couples. “The system of liquidation of the code from the obligatory liability is a comfortable service for the client, we will prepare it soon,” says Renata Svobodov from esk podnikatelská pojiovny.

“Many clients prepare for the benefits associated with the liquidation process by taking care of the accident themselves – call the assistance services of your choice and then pay for the code yourself,” to Petr Svoboda, director of product management at esk pojiovny.

“This is a remnant of the pension, time and energy that they could devote to pleasant affairs. It is expected that the situation will soon be taken as a standard, which is available free of charge, ”adds.

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