Bval ajk bet on non-traditional business. Today, you know him in the world

275 people and one SUV or pt ivch tiger closed in one bubble. He created the best bubble tunnel in the world and the largest free flying bubble. Matj Kode belongs to the worlds of pizza among the bubbles and with his show he amazes girls all over the world.

As he had his loose ideas. Once he wanted to be ashes, other times he was an astronaut. I remember my mother blowing bubbles from a classic bubble blower, and when the liquid was down, we mixed the spring with water, but then it didn’t work very well for that time, Matj Kode remembers his first meeting with the bubble blower. Certainly neither he nor any of his surroundings thought that he would one day enjoy performing on stage, when even the obligation to attend a boarding house was a small measure for him.

How to get to your profession? Are you a bubble?
Yes, I’m a professional bubble maker. (smch) It is true that it is such a strange word, but I would say that we have somehow come to terms with it. A professional bubble is a hunter who, even before the bubble show, ie performed with faint bubbles.

How did it even occur to you to stand out with bubbles?
Shortly after the revolution, Tom Noddy appeared on television in American bubbles and actually the first bubble in the world. He showed them unimaginable pieces for us at the time, like a bubble in the shape of a cube. That was nco! And that inspired me.

We then started working with bubble friend Kamra Smejkal, who was also the initiator of the first record. At the festival of records and curiosities in Pelhimov, we introduced 15 people to the bubble in 2005. Today it’s called smvn, but at that time it was world performance and started my whole bubble career.

Matj Kode is a professional bubble:

Do you remember your first show for honor?
The very first event for honor jet was not such a full show. For one family day, I found a large foreign company dressed in bubbles. The applicant was gifted and ordered a pledge for six hours! Then I worked depots for six hours and dressed the children in bubbles, and when I couldn’t get out of bed the next day, I promised myself that I would not take such an offer again. (smch)

You didn’t make a similar offer, but you started to devote yourself fully to the bubbles. You were in business at the time, was it decisive?
I owned and operated an advertising agency and I found out that I can’t and don’t want to sit on two idols. I was able to ride in those in the morning from the performances at the ball and in the morning to handle phone calls with customers who want business cards. It was also time to decide what to leave and to devote myself fully. Bubbles were a clear choice. It is true that most people in the surrounding area looked at me like crazy, and even behind me they looked at me. (smch) I sold an advertising agency and invested my pensions in props, lights and other basic equipment and plunged into the world of bubbles.

How did you manage to make it? So squirm brushes?
I had a lot of trouble for that, because the market seemed to be waiting for something new, different, interesting. At least she had a basic web presentation and a capable manager, and she worked.

But the arrests were probably not that simple.
When I started 14 years ago, there were no e-shops with props for bubbles and sorceresses and similar possibilities. I also had to invent, design and manufacture all the props or commission them. The most fun was with a big bubble bath, which I use to this day. With the drawing, I approached one company that casts plastics. He looked at it and assured me that it would not be a problem how many thousands of pieces I want. When he heard one and two, he laughed. But he behaved great. They stopped production at the companies and made a prop for me at night.

My big plus is that I have a lot of fun grinding new things and stabbing them. Also, when I said that I have to drink some kilns on how to make a bubble blower, which made such a big bubble that it can fit a hunter, or such a bubble, which will have the shape of a cube, I bit me and tried to make a mistake in style. it’s simple.

Travel around the world with your show, many of them will think that you have a huge honor and thanks to that you are rich to him. Are you
I’m rich. Just because I have something I really enjoy. Thanks to my work, I will look at cities that I could only dream of. I met such an interesting personality that I sometimes don’t know. So I’m very rich duevn.

As for the wealth of material, it is a very relative concept. I performed, for example, in India, where I took a five-star hotel. In front of the hotel and in fact elsewhere there were a lot of poor, Hebrew people and poor children. I had to be extremely rich in them and I actually respected myself at that moment.

The travel hunter opens up a lot and it is all the more important where you go and what you are. I don’t want to go bad, mm nice apartment, nice car, I can get a good meal and drink and I’m able to teach on vacation. What do pt vc?

In addition, you have minimal costs for your business, just a bubble blower, and that is to go your own production. Or is it different?
So I have to oppose it a lot. Because the cost of the show is everything, but not low. But it is true that a lot of people think of it and some clients even imagine that I will come to a show with one bubble blower in my pocket and perform a meaningful and ridiculous show for at least 15 minutes. All the more so, they are then surprised to find a stop with an edge-filled delivery.

The liquid itself is a very expensive item, it is consumed during the show, it is also necessary to add it constantly. The cost of props is often wasted and to the astronomical age. And even though he doesn’t starm for a long time and you have to change them quite often, they are very wet and dark.

The show is about effects, I also have to have quality sound, microphones, lights. I need a tent for outdoor events, adjusted to the necessary size, and the only investment in it was over a hundred thousand crowns. A very important part of the show is music, and I don’t want to put it right on the body, even this item will cost a few thousand thousand crowns.

I have to have a safe, big and 1,000% reliable car to get to every event in time and in a horseshoe. I have a lot of props that I use once in a while, I also have a large storage space available, which is not so small. Mm continue? (smch)

Vy bublifuky i vyrbte.
This was not originally our goal, but perhaps at each show, several people asked how to make a bubble blower for both bubbles, and so they want to put it in a house for children. Of course, I could not reveal the recipe, but it led to a misconception about the chamber of production, and so the Megabublin was created.

In 2012, it was the first and the only such bubble blower on our market was the bubble blower revolution, because until then you could buy the maximum bubble blower for small bubbles in the store and the jet did not work many times. For Megabublin rum. The emblem is built not only on the fact that dl really huge bubbles, but also the fact that it does not stain stains. Thus, an e-shop was created with the product and, in connection with it, wholesale sales.

How full are you in the future?
Full mm big, mm now in the heads a new form of the show, new records that I would like to break, let’s break new tracks. There are a lot of them, but I’d rather keep the details to myself at this point.

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