Business start-up fee? Lawyers, notices and lkai succeed more easily

If you have decided to do business and have nothing to do with the arrests, do not rely on the help of banks. Practically one of them does not belong to small entrepreneurs without a “past”. Require at least one year of business history.

We have given the banks and the evil thieves whether they would provide the entrepreneur (OSV), who is in business only for six months and need to pay 300 thousand crowns for an equipped office (sweat, printer, furniture).

Podnikatel s plron histori uspje u ty finannch instituc

Business financial institutions are not willing to take the risk and help with the start-up. They can be spotted on the fingers of one hand.

Zlona Creditas two, not to provide an investment or an operating loan, requires the submission of a business agreement, which will be evaluated. If the evil is approved, you must become its member. There is a hundred crowns in the Member’s deposit.

Fio banka offers small entrepreneurs overdrafts according to their turnover, even in the amount of 300 thousand crowns. You have about two tariffs. For clients who are more likely to draw on a fee, a tariff with a one-year rate and exchange fee is suitable. On the contrary, those who have a reserve as a reserve always draw it only for a short period, a suitable type of tariff with a fee and exchange year is appropriate.

Komern banka requires high-quality and realistically processed business plans for beginning entrepreneurs who do not have a closed business period. The applicant then has the opportunity to acquire Entrepreneurial Investment.

Those statisticians hire entrepreneurs from Raiffeisenbank. The Startovac will provide him with an overdraft to the Business eAccount. The client must submit the last six entries from his current bank, where he uses a company for his business.

Who pj entrepreneurs without history 300 thousand crowns
Finann spolenost Ruitel / zajitn vru years rate Maturity Fees
Creditas real estate, bonitn ruitel 9 – 13 % operational within 1 year, investment within 4 years schvlen vru: 2% z and vru, min. 500 cores; veden tu: 100 coron ms
bank wire ruitel from 50 thousand crowns rates 1 – 8.3%; rate 2 – 14.3% without a fixed due date, can be drawn repeatedly for overdraft: tariff 1 – 4%, min. 100 crowns, tariff 2 – 1%, min. 100 crowns
Komern bank real estate, bill, blankosmnka the bank did not state the bank did not state processed vru: 0.3%, min. 5 thousand, max 30 thousand crowns; realization: 0.6%, min. 5 thousand crowns; administrative fee: 600 crowns msn
Raiffeisenbank blankosmnka bez avalu 13 % without a fixed due date, can be drawn repeatedly at first hot: 250 crowns msn
Source: financial companies

Most banks require at least business

Banks are judged individually by all quite small entrepreneurs. For many banks, one of the conditions for its approval is the minimum length of business for one and two years. Here, the entrepreneur documents the tax return and proof of payment of income tax.

Splnte-li poadovan podmnky mete doshnout i na nkolikamilionov vry.

The parameters of many banks and the annual rate of many banks are also affected by whether the bank knows whether you are its client. The bank has an overview of your activities here.

Lkai and first-graders have it easy

For example, GE Money Bank and UniCredit Bank tolerate a short period of business in some strict professions for the provision of business. Mezi n pat lkai, stomatologov, veterini, advokti, notii daov poradci.

To approve the year, when the bank received income for the last month and submit professional orders and certificates. Pensions can then benefit from pedloen invoices.

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