Binders for their work have been going back for three years, their commission

Imagine that you get a job directly and in a year you have to drill them. For most people, the unimaginable thing is becoming a binding agent. If, for example, you terminate a life insurance company within three years, the insurance company must pay its commission.

The refunded commission for the cancellation of the contract will not be avoided for the one of the connecting agents who has been doing this for a long time.

“Every time we return a commission from us, including it. It depends on how the connection agent explained the client’s issues and how the contract suits him. , ”He explains specialist on insurance Bohumr Vtovec.

If you take out life insurance, the broker will receive about 35-80 percent of the insurance premium for the contract. The commission is credited to the coupler after the payment of the first or second premium. So pay, the shorter the insurance period, the lower the commission.

This is wrong with when the client wants to terminate the contract and how the insurance company has set the conditions. For example, if it is after one year, agentipojiovnm returns 100 percent, after two years 70 percent and after those years 30 percent. Percentage is so according to the term.

But beware, canceled life insurance after two years is not suitable for the client. He will not receive anything from the paid insurance company.

The returned commission was changed by the new Uniqa from the new deadline. “For our new sales representatives, we have introduced a gradual payment of their commission from the concluded insurance company in the new year, depending on the insurance company’s ongoing castles, ”says Eva Svobodov, the company’s press office. This means that the commission is paid msn and in case of cancellation of the contract nothing is returned.

If all the insurance companies did so, the connection agent would have to conclude ten and twenty insurance contracts in order to make a living.

Zmna prce nepome

The returned commission will not escape the binders even after a change of employment. Vtovec.

The liaison agent must always have some pension in reserve in order to cover any cancellation of contracts. If he does not have a commission, the insurance company will start to extort his pension.

In order for agents not to suddenly find themselves in financial difficulties, the insurance companies often lead them so-called garann ​​i kaun ty. then take the commission from them and deposit them on these, which are used to settle any receivables from canceled insurance policies.

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