Beware of games that come to me

Every day, an unknown hunter can tell me by phone that you will become a lucky winner of 80 thousand crowns in the lottery. Just call 906 701 111 and the win will be yours. Sdruen defense consumer warns: It’s a scam. If you call this word, it will only increase for the phone.

The game is not free and in fact it is not at all
Let’s take a look at what can be deduced from the above telephone message: “The chairman of the 90X message says that the line is paid,” explains SOS’s speech Ivana Pickov.

X can take values ​​0, 6, 8 and 9 depending on whether it is professional advice (first, medical, etc.) – 900, deprived of services (lotteries, dating, horoscopes) – 906, one-time tariff for connection (eg web pages) – 908 or erotic lines -909.

Free of charge 906 701 111 is charged 70 crowns including VAT per minute of call.

“The consumer can get this information directly from the slaughter – the price is always raised and the telephone line is paid,” adds Pickov. The tariff for placench lines can range from 1 to 99 crowns per minute or per connection.

The provider of the listed line and the service provider on this line can be found, for example, in the official database of the Czech Telecommunication Series on the pages and in the database of the provider of audiotext services of tetch pages at was provided by Czech On Line, as, services are provided by Onaway, sro

you only get a pension

If you come across a similar illegal service, you can complain to your telephone operator and service provider. The Consumer Protection Association recommends that the consumer be informed in accordance with the company ‘s report and that the consumer be misled.

When we checked the “genuine line” at Czech On Line, they referred us to the APVTS code, according to which the service provider who leased the line was responsible for the services on the line, in which case Onaway. According to the code, the operator suspects the illegal operation of the line if he suspects illegal activity. Line 906 701 111 is currently in operation.

It will not be easy to find out those who are behind the Onaway representative – for complaints. The registered office of the company listed in the Commercial Register is only administrative (the company cooperates with Office House sro, which provides addresses of companies that are not physically located here). The executive lives abroad and is not overshadowed.

Esmeralda’s girlfriend promises a game
Announcements of various games abroad in the lottery are not new for Czech consumers. In a few years, from time to time, an entrepreneur appears with an offer of surprising games.

Similar practices on the Central European market have been demonstrated several times by the Polish company Vegas. She lured people 300,000 crowns to the exits to Pae, Italy and the game in an international competition. Even with the call to the line with high tariffs, the beauties of France and Italy remained secret. Esmeralda’s girlfriend from the same company again promised to play one and a half million in sports for a fee of six hundred crowns.

u knock on the door

Human naivety knows no bound
The Consumer Protection Association warns that consumer contacts are similarly similar to “traders” in telephone directories and from various databases, in which the consumer enters very personally his personal data, including a number of telephone lines.

For similar offers with the vision of easy games, it is necessary to involve common sense. The hunter should think about why a company you have never bought anything from or participated in during the consumer competition would buy him anything for free. And how is it that he won the lottery, which he didn’t even realize. In short, human dignity can still earn no pension.

Source: Sdruen Defense Consumer SOS, Code of the Association of Operators of Public Telecommunications st APVTS

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