Before the holidays, go around the pubs, often hiding an interesting dispute

It is not recommended to rent a holiday for a holiday, but a certain type of loan will pay off for the holidays. For example, if you drink a tent and quality equipment for some sports, it may be more efficient not to buy your own equipment.

With the equipment switched off, you can go hiking or hiking, you can go climbing in the mountains, fishing and riding on water or in-line skates. Especially if you just want to try these sports, a ticket for the first time may be appropriate.

Whether it is cheaper to rent before going home or on vacation, it is not easy, because the prices of rentals in the Czech Republic are very different. And similarly, the rates of rental abroad. Some accommodation facilities in the country and abroad, however, have a choice of sports equipment in the prices of hostels or rent it to their guests at a great discount.

For trips with unloaded luggage

And if you are going for a daily hiking in the Czech or foreign mountains, you don’t have to buy a new backpack after all. The selected Czech sports and climbing equipment rental shop offers them from 35 crowns a day.

If you go for a week with a 75-liter backpack, for example, in the rental of the Rockpoint shopping chain, you pay 280 crowns for eight days, while the purchase of a new character backpack would cost about two to five thousand crowns.

Piblin for 15 and 25 crowns a day can be used for practical luggage by leaders. In addition to canoes, kayaks, moons and paddles, boat equipment rental offers such large plastic barrels and boat bags, which should protect things firmly on the water, even in the event that the leaders with the boat burst.

Tasting sport vs does not have to ruin financially

In addition to backpacks, you will find special poles for alpine hiking and Nordic walking in outdoor rentals for about thirty five crowns a day. For fifty crowns a day, ferrata sets for a number of alpine routes are rented, secured by gears and steel ropes. The first set of ferrata on the ferrata is worth the outside, especially for those who get to such a mountain road only exceptionally. The price of the cheapest sets for securing mountain trips is usually in online stores from thousands of crowns in.

If you want to try norchlovn with better equipment, do not offer acne sets from the hypermarket, you can again special rental of diving needs. norchl vs there you will only go to those crowns of the day (in the case of longer than a week). You will increase the two-day trip by only 42 crowns, while for the purchase of a quality norch you would pay five hundred crowns according to the sign.

In addition, Potpsk rental shops can also be equipped with fins, similar to a guide rental, with neoprene shoes or clothing, which will allow them to stay in cold water. The prices of such products are usually in the thousands of crowns in the store.

For example, if you have never stood on in-line skates and want to try riding them, you should be driven to the pub first. There are usually more types of skates and skates. One hour in the skate vs skjka will come on me for a hundred crowns, a set of skates with a box will cost 120 and 170 crowns. Somewhere also offer family sets for two adults and two children. For example, in the crackles of Hamr sport by the Vltava, they rent these sets for an hour for 250 crowns, including helmets and protects in the evening.

You can also go on holiday to unfilled cycling, because bikes can be driven in many places. From the arrest of April to the end of June, you can ride trekking bikes outside the bj shop so esk drhy, which can spin your bikes on other tracks, you didn’t drink them.

A number of domestic camps and caravan parks offer tennis and ping pong pools, various areas or fishing equipment as standard. Selected outdoor travel agencies sometimes also lend special sports equipment for their excursions.

You can also drink over your head

Tboen lovers can equip themselves with a tent, equipment or children’s equipment in their outdoor activities. For example, a tent a week from the Brno factory Morna vs will cost 300 crowns.

The rental of a tent, backpack and stand for a young child with a child in a series of rentals will cost over two thousand, new things would usually cost more than ten thousand crowns in reasonable quality.

If in the end the furnace you just decide to buy your own sports nin, you can get a discount for the previous use of the rental shop. Usually, however, it must be an injection immediately before purchase. Rental companies combined with shops take it as a tried-and-tested equipment and will either offer you a percentage discount or deduct the rental price straight from the purchase.

Sports facilities equipped for your vacation

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