Be careful: there are no rules for complaints in the guidelines

Are you interested in whether you can get a pension in the exchange, and who can run the exchange activity? Advocate Ondej Surga answered these questions.

What must the thin film received in the smnrn contain?

Proof of the transaction must contain:
a) the number of words,
b) ISO value, its value and dust,
c) exchange rate value, ie to pay or pay in K,
d) the price of the service in K,
e) business name, identification number, address of the establishment and signature of the authorized employee of the foreign exchange city,
f) date and place of issue.

When buying and selling in values ​​exceeding 100,000 K, the name and surname of the client, type, number, period of validity and country are issued with a certificate of his integrity on the counter (proof of exchange).

Under what circumstances can a claim be made?

The first regulations do not set rules for complaints in the purchase and sale of foreign currency in the guidelines. The client’s age is limited by a practical side of things. It is obvious that in the moment when the client withdrew from the pump, it will be very difficult to prove the validity of the complaint in the guidelines.

How is it ensured that the client does not get a counterfeit?

According to the decision of the National Bank, the sale of foreign currency for foreign exchange, which is not a bank, can be carried out only by a person who holds a certificate of completion of a professional course on the recognition of counterfeit and altered currency.

In addition, each of the directives has the obligation to procure, update and state a currency card with a depiction and description of valid banknotes and coins of Czech and foreign currency and to collect information on the issuance and validity of these currencies, the time to exchange in case of expiry and description, or depicted of their znmch padlk.

Who in the Czech Republic can open a guide for me?

In addition to banks, anyone who has a concession for foreign exchange activities can run a foreign exchange activity in the sense of buying foreign currencies. Concessions are granted on the basis of the issue of the Czech National Bank of the Trade Union. Establishments are approved in advance by the Esk nrodn banka.

How about the license of an exchange that only buys a foreign currency (for example, from tourists) and an exchange that also sells a foreign currency?

A formal difference in the fact that while the purchase of foreign currency can be carried out on the basis of a concession, issued by a trade license, the sale of foreign currency can be carried out only on the basis of a foreign exchange license, issued directly by the Czech National Bank. It is essential that the applicant for a foreign exchange license for the sale of foreign currency can only be the first person who has operated a foreign exchange activity in accordance with the first regulations for at least twelve months before the company. Both types of directives are referred to as foreign exchange cities.

Tk se zkon proti pran pinavch penz i smnren?

The law on certain measures against the legalization of proceeds from crime and on the amendment of related laws also applies to the purchase and sale of foreign exchange regulations. The Czech National Bank has issued detailed guidelines for the guidelines on certain obligations under the said Act.

Okrdal Chancellor Advocate, Hluch, Heaven

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