Banks waste mortgage income. Except for Hypoten Bank

Oiven in the mortgage market also brought a small requirement of banks for the income of mortgage applicants. As a repeated survey by the editorial staff has shown, applicants from a model mortgage fund worth 1.6 million crowns would cost 17 thousand crowns a certain month.

Equa bank demands the least from individual applicants, it costs 17 thousand crowns of the same amount. For a large family, there is the least number of savings banks, whichever costs a total of 18,500 crowns. The main income is Fio banka. Of all the banks, he demands the highest income. For individuals ten thousand crowns more than Equa bank and for the family even 15 thousand crowns more than esk spoitelna.

Most banks distinguish whether the mortgage is due to the mortgage or the family. Only at esk spoitelna, LBBW and Raiffeisenbank do not play a role. “When assessing the creditworthiness of a client for us, it is not the number of people in the family that matters, but the so-called debt service. So the ratio of debt to total households, ”adds Tom Kofro from Raiffeisenbank.

Banks discounted, Hypoten Bank confirmed

At about half of the banks, the mortgage applicant’s income requirements were dreamed. The jumper of the year is even two banks, mBank and Raiffeisenbank. They dreamed money for three or three thousand crowns. Both for individual and family applicants.

Hypoten banka is the only bank that is much more expensive than a small bank. After both types, the applicant wants the highest income of all monitored banks. Compared to April 2011, it claimed CZK 4,500 (individual) and CZK 5,300 (family), respectively. In addition, the bank gradually increases from year to year over the course of several years.

The three banks (LBBW Bank, UniCredit Bank, Volksbank and Wstenrot) remain in their income requirements at about the same level as last year.

years rates below 4 percent, installments around 9 thousand crowns

The rates for ptiletch fixations were the most suitable years for the first years, so in the example there is no requirement for this fixation. For comparison, we follow them below, although for most banks, the client would currently get a suitable rate (and thus paid the installment) for these fixations.

For example, Raiffeisenbank gave its model client a one-year rate of 3.79 percent for a five-year fixation period (msn pay 9,520 crowns), but the rate for two-year fixation is two-tenths of a percentage point less than 3.59 percent (9354 crowns installment).

The trend of declining years of rates continued even this year. Darkness, all banks fell below three percent. The highest rate of 3.19 percent was offered by esk spoitelna, the highest by 4.09 percent by Volksbank.

When comparing year rates, it is important to realize that some banks are conditional on suitable rates, for example, by setting up a regular rate here and agreeing on different types of insurance.

Of course, the rates in the years are also related to the installments. It is the best at esk spoitelny (9,050 crowns), the highest at Volksbank (9,820 crowns).

Mortgages up to 80 percent of the value of the stock

Given that the model of the mortgage applicant has to pay the property at the same price, the bank will pay the mortgage up to 80 percent of the value of the mortgage. The banks also shared their offer to this.

Nabzen hypoten product
Bank Hypoten vr
esk spoitelna Hypotka esk spoitelny
Equa bank elov mortgage
bank wire Hypotka wire
GE Money Bank Mortgage to buy
Mortgage bank Hypoten vr do 85 procent
Komern bank Hypoten for Klasik
LBBW Bank IQ Mortgage for housing and recreation
mBank mHypotka Light
Potovn spoitelna Era hypotka
Raiffeisenbank Classical
UniCredit Bank Hypotn vr Individual
Volksbank Standardn hypoten vr do 90 procent
wstenrot Hypotka Wstenrot
Source: Banks

The idea of ​​mortgages breaks records

Banks confirm the great interest in mortgages. For example, Potovn spoitelna provided a record number of years in 2011, this trend continued in the first quarter of this year.

Clients also show interest in esk spoitelny mortgages. “In the 1st quarter, we provided more than 5,600 mortgages in the amount of 9.8 billion crowns, which is 59% of the number in the volume of mortgages provided compared to the same period last year and 75% of the number of mortgages provided,” adds Petr Podzimek from the bank.

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