Banks slip mortgages of the genus, rates are still low

Hypoten banka vd how to stir up the client’s interest in a new home. During the summer of spring, they launched an incredible number of campaigns, in which they offered clients discounts on fees and annual rates. As a result, the trade and the volume of mortgages in excess of 10 billion crowns gave a 50 percent increase.

In the past month, banks provided 6,396 mortgages in the total amount of CZK 10.418 billion, and the average mortgage rate was CZK 1,628,874. From a medium-term point of view, this is a record result, or banks crossed the ten-billion mark only in December last year (10.2 billion crowns) and first for the last time in the seven months of 2008. At that time, banks arranged mortgages for 12.2 billion crowns.

The significantly improved mortgage market logically recorded in the interim year on year. Last year, the banks jumped over five billion in a long time, this year the total production of banks increased by another almost 50 percent and by the same length the banks improved in the middle of the year.

In total, for the first quarter of this year, banks reported more than 14,000 closed mortgages worth 23.23 billion crowns, and jumped to the top of the year just after the years of heat mortgages (2007, 2008).

years rates are stle dr down

Although the average rate for these fixations has risen by almost two tenths of a percentage point since last month, rates have de facto stagnated at the end of the sum of years. Lvs based on “concrete” years of rates have mainly five fixations, which, thanks to various promotions, even cheaper than the burrow.

The value of the aggregate Fincentrum hypoindex, which monitors the average annual rate regardless of fixations, rose by a hundredth of a percentage point in the meantime, also by 4.27 percent. In the koruna issue, the mortgage payment in the amount of one million crowns and the maturity of 20 years is based on 6,203 crowns.

Summary for bezen 2011
Fixation period of the rate years All fixations 1 year 5 let
Hypoindex 4,27 % 4,66 % 4,19 %
Change from last msci (bp) 1 5 -2
Average in mortgage (K) 1 629 1 898 1 544
Msn spltka 1 million mortgages for 20 years 6 203 6415 6 161
Msn spltka 1 mil. hypotky na15 let 7 533 7 734 7 493
elovost vr
According to vr for purchase on the total pot, incl 60 % 68 % 58 %
According to vr for construction on the total sweat, incl 23 % 18 % 26 %
According to other vr on the total sweat vr 17 % 14 % 16 %

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