Banks offer mortgages with a year below 4 percent, but they have a lot of conditions

In recent months, the people did not drink much about living. Banks have responded and reduce years on mortgages. Komern banka and UniCredit Bank also reduce rates. But the condition is a lot. For example, you must be active in a specific bank or a single bond.

Ron year 3.59 percent, that’s really the sun on the mortgage. Only a few clients of esk spoitelny will immediately realize that the basic rate is 4.59 percent, one percent is discounts for meeting other conditions. And even the basic rate is “from” – most people will probably not be able to reach it.

According to the report, the lowest rate will be reached by Czech savings movable clients with an income known for a fixed installment and those who apply for a mortgage up to 60 percent of the mortgage value of the property. Although the bank will not offer the client the lowest rate, but you will pay five percent a year, by one percent you can go down even in this case.

What to do to get discounts

The first full percentage discount can be obtained for active use of the Personal Account. The discount is not automatic, you have to apply for it in writing at the bank and at the same time undertake that you will really use it. This means that you will fly at least half of the amount, not as much as the mortgage payment, and you will make at least four payments here.

The bank vs will once ron check. When the conditions do not meet the conditions, you will have to deduct the discount for the given year and give the year vs the rate of pl percent you. The use of a personal account will cost at least 69 crowns per month, you can have it for free, but you would have to have a regular monthly income of over 100 thousand crowns, or five million in your account. But then you probably wouldn’t ask for a mortgage again.

In order to get a full discount, you must have a mortgage with a five-year fixation for at least 20 years, you must buy the bonding ability to meet, you must not be in arrears and, above all, you must stay with the Czech savings bank. Also dn refinance. In the event that the client would go to another bank after the fixation of the rate fixation years, he must return the discount received for the last period.

It is written in the bank’s conditions that they provide a mortgage free of charge. That’s true, but you can’t avoid at least one one-time fee. If you want to enforce the rate, you must choose two services, each for a one-time fee of 1,999 crowns. In return, the bank guarantees that you will have a favorable rate for the entire maturity period.

But that doesn’t mean keep the rate they offer today for 20 years. It’s just that you’ll pay a full percentage of me, not if you don’t have that benefit. When in five years the rate is eight percent, you pay 7.5.

In each year of fixation, ie after five years, you can allow without penalties, including 20 percent of the debt. It follows indirectly from this advantage that early repayment does not fall into weight.

Pidvaj gave the bank

Take the UniCredit Bank market on the market. “We have prepared a new variable fixed mortgage with an attractive annual rate of 3 percent,” said Tom Pavlk, the bank’s spokesman. These are mortgages with a floating rate (where the currency varies according to the rate announced by the NB) and the percentage will be achieved by those who work in person at the bank for at least 64 crowns, will actively use it, which means that it will be for example, the payment and will make payments from it.

Another condition for the last year is the agreement of a one-year bonded cardif. Currently, the insurance is 2.5 percent of the amount you borrow, and for you, for two million mortgages, it is 50 thousand crowns.

The offer is interesting for people who are not afraid to take the risk of floating rates, in addition, even those who meet the condition of owning and insuring will reach a pleasant 3.3 percent.

The bank has been lowering standard mortgage rates for years, from 4.84 to 4.60 percent. Clients can get a 3% rate if they arrange a one-time paid insurance card, they own one of the banks’ personal banks and also use a credit card.

According to a source from MF DNES, Komern banka, which sells at a rate of three, is especially interesting for mobile clients.

The rate of 3.95 percent will be achieved only by those who apply for a mortgage on the bank, not those millions of crowns. He gave the conditions that in real estate up to 70 percent of the value of the property will be mortgaged and with a fixed fixation; moreover, similarly to esk spoitelny, the client has to write to the bank in such a way that he pays the installments of all the loans and loans in the bank (minimum bag of 10,000 crowns) and at least makes outgoing transactions, in addition he has to take out life insurance.

not only banks for years

Building societies also responded. Even with them, you can take a hypovr. For example, the Blue Pyramid reduced the annual rate for Hypovra and Hypovru Garant from 4.69 and 0.4 percent. The acne offer will last until June 3 and the rate of 4.29 percent salary for those who have at least 35 percent of the members’ fees spent on this building society will meet the fees of those currently maintained at Komern banka and who also agree on the risks of life insurance. Pyramid from Komern pojiovny.

Until the end of the year, clients of Eskomoravsk stavebná spořitelna can also use the reduced annual rate. It also reduces the rates of its infernal loans by 0.4 percent.

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