Baggage insurance does not cover things that are allowed to be performed. Not a notebook

Don’t insure yourself, you should clarify beforehand what you do abroad. And ask how the situation could be problematic. We answer some questions with pins.

Do I have to make sure when I want to play, for example, a volleyball or a scooter on a holiday?

Mostly sweat sweat with the fact that the whole holiday does not fly on a light bed by the sea. The usual travel insurance also includes tourism up to 3,000 meters above sea level, swimming, cycling and the like. You need to insure the bag for windsurfing, rafting, diving and bungee jumping. It is ideal to ask for a specific activity when concluding a contract.

For how many years can I take out a travel insurance and when is it for a fee?

Seniors can be insured up to 69 years of age without any problems and without traveling. Even the old bag does not have a contract, for example, in the case of Czech insurance people over 69 years of age to pay 120 percent of VAT, ie 2.2 times the new rate. At Kooperativa, people over 70 years of age pay twice the basic travel insurance. Wstenrot does not even set limits.

Can I provide travel insurance for a woman? Ppadn do koliktho msce.

He decides not to negotiate a contract, nor would the client insist that he is the same. If there is no risk of pregnancy, travel insurance can be arranged within the next month. The couple want to know the date of birth. The situation is often individual. If a woman wants to leave later, the insurance company reserves the right not to reimburse the first time in connection with, for example, childbirth.

The insurance company did not want to pay me the price of all that was inside when I lost my luggage. I put a work laptop in my suitcase. Did they proceed first?

Travel luggage insurance applies to the contents of the suitcase, but the insurance does not usually apply to pensions, credit cards, securities, air tickets, tickets, antiques, groceries, cigarettes, holidays and, for example, things that are permitted to perform.

What can I do if I fly to Prague and my luggage suitcase does not appear on my luggage?
Contact the carrier responsible for such a code in advance. Then report the insurance event to your insurance company. If such codes are reported, you must submit the Insurance Notice Form, the original insurance policy and confirmation from the police or the carrier who has documented the theft or destruction of the luggage.

Can I insure and invite you on holiday?

Insurance companies usually invite non-insurance on holiday. But you will succeed, for example, in esk pojiovny. Insurance covers skull talents for dogs, coca and ferrets. He gave invites to his travel insurance will have to repent. Insurance is valid for the whole of Europe and covers acute illness, the necessary veterinary care and treatment at once. You are required to have a dog breeding passport for you, which is similar to the European Health Insurance Card. The maximum insurance period is 10 days and the fixed price is 25 crowns per invitation and day.

I heard that it is possible to insure myself with a text message…

Pojiovny esk podnikatelsk, Generali and Uniqa offer insurance via SMS. All you have to do is send an accurate SMS and then pay. A novelty is a mobile ATM, which was launched by Potovná spořitelna in mid-May. Travel on a travel trip, when you can arrange it via the Internet. By default, pay 10 percent less at the branch. If you take out long-term insurance, read the terms of the contract so that you do not feel insured and in fact you would not be.

As long as you insure thotnou enu
Pojiovna Doba thotenstv
Allianz until 26. tdne
AXA until 26. tdne
esk pojiovna do 6. msce
UNDER Pojiovna do 6. msce
European travel insurance do 7. msce
General until 24. tdne
Commercial vehicle until 24. tdne
Cooperative until 28. tdne
Pojiovna VZP does not limit
Triglav until 26. tdne
Uniqa to 6.tdne
Source: Insurance companies

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