Prepaid credit cards come in Czech for five years

Both Visa and MasterCard want to offer prepaid credit cards for five years. This follows from the publication of card associations for TK. Anyone will be able to submit a… Read more

D-Day: A poor businessman used to hope he was saved by leeches and investors

Radim Prokop presents a cosmetic line made of leeches. It is not his invention or product. This is a Ukrainian product. In the past, Prokop didn’t succeed, and even this… Read more

How to predict bond yields

The estimate of the bond yield (even the bond difference is only in that the term “bond” is correct from the point of view of the Czech first) is complex.… Read more

Property insurance has not risen, so offer better terms

Packages and the comfort of the offered services, it is at the same time a connected real estate and a household. Assistance services are an integral part of fuses. Offer… Read more