Auntie’s people in the offices suffered from back pain sessions. What about the darkness?

Neustl sezen carries sweat with pte. Among the most affected professions, where you can worry about whether, are people in administration and students, but also ethnic, teachers, operatives and information technology workers. What kind of idle should you have to make sure it doesn’t hurt? And how to deal with health problems?

According to the STEM / MARK agency, every hour and eight hours a day, the Czech Aerobics and Fitness Association will even spend three hours. And it’s me, or more, the fact is that more than aunt’s people in the office suffer from back pain and write it according to the survey the first sessions.

A sedentary lifestyle has an adverse effect on the body and leads to further health sweating. Therefore, some employers come up with a special benefit. Leave your employees, and back your office and choose your own desk and go for it. And what should the right session and the right office idle look like? Every manufacturer has his know-how. Some recommend a swing seat, others to change fixed.

It is generally recommended that the seat of the seat allow for right-angled sitting at the knee and knee joints. Underwear m lumbar support pte. The front upper leg can be tilted slightly forward, legs spread on the leg and feet below or slightly in front of the knees, explains Martin Machek, director of Adaptic Innovation, who manufactures medical devices.

Office supplies should be stable and solid. Only the central spring should react in the seat when seated. idle and its sti should not deviate in the bottom direction. A wheel that should be braked also plays an important role. For soft types of floors, hard castors are suitable, while for concrete, PVC or parquet, it is suitable to choose soft castors, which ensure smooth movement, notes Michal Hotmar, an expert on ergonomics of the Czech manufacturer RIM CZ.

The ideal seat height should be such that the feet touch the ground with the full surface of the foot and the knees with 90 and more. Thanks to this, you will get the leg of the lower limbs in the optimal position. The armrests are mainly used for armrests. When they are set correctly, the stiffness of the sternum and the pressure in the forearm can be prevented. A good seat should therefore have armrests of adjustable age, metal, depth and the possibility of natoen support.

After hours of lightning srie exercise

Even self-adhesive bags do not replace regular movement. According to experts, we should get up from the table at least after hours of work, stretch ourselves and exercise lightly. Try the lightning series of exercises, which you can comfortably master on one meter in the open, with your own idol and even in high heels. You can master the exercises in minutes and the effect on your pain will be huge.

Look behind you first. Sit with both walls on one side and the other.

Rotate the lumbar region by grasping the backrest of the seat once and the seat the other time. With your breath in and your head up, look as close to you as possible. Basically, your breaths and breaths and with the last breath you return to the sitting water position. Repeat on the other side.

In the second exercise, bow your head on both sides. Then fill the whole torso in the third exercise.

The fourth exercise is on the protaen back and pa. If there is a suitable environment around everything, ie right behind you, try to stand behind the chair, put both hands on its backrest and push backwards in the straight inclination of the fuselage. Alternatively, take a step back and repeat the exercise.

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