Aunt of companies found benefits for their employees

Today, as a matter of course, employees take meal vouchers and mobile phones, which companies are most afraid to reach for. Overall, all companies in the Czech Republic have become significantly more modest in terms of pampering their employees over the past year.

Corporate benefits make people happy – often not the salary itself. Their quantity and repertor mean for the Czechs also a symbol of haste and prestige of their employees.

According to the personnel consulting company Hay Group and its latest survey from the middle of the year, 31 percent of companies benefited from people’s benefits.

In this respect, the biggest situation was in the petrochemical industry, according to the banking industry and thus in the automotive industry. According to the survey, employees in energy companies and companies with fast-moving weapons had the least impact.

The most baptized in the lead

“If the benefits and companies are curtailed, then the most top management and thus manual employees,” adds Irena Jakoubkov from the Hay Group. According to them, the benefits related to insurance, especially pension benefits, life insurance and disability insurance were most often used.

“Companies have rewarded education without the contribution of employees, so 22 percent of companies, which last year had similar programs without contribution, require you to contribute to managerial and professional courses,” adds Jakoubkov. On the other hand, there has been a slight increase in benefits such as discounts on own products, work from home and wages in times of illness. Without major changes, the companies approached the provision of company cars.

“It is similar to last year, prices and signs do not change significantly. The companies took advantage of the opportunity to sell better cars under similar conditions as last year, “concludes Jakoubkov. Overall, there are no significant changes in the popularity of individual types of employee benefits on the part of people and companies compared to the past.

“In the Czech Republic, there are still the most popular business phones, which are expected to be used for private people, extra weekly allowances and meal vouchers, which are noticeable as a usual part of the package,” to Petr Boldi from the consulting company iMercer.

According to Boldie, a company car is also a very specific benefit in the company. “It is especially important as a confirmation of the employment and social status of the employee and communication towards the environment. The use of a company car was often used as a tool for hitting employees in the company, ”he thinks.

So-called cafeterias are popular – that is, the offer of employees to suit their current needs. “It’s a problem that some want football or theater tickets, some want to visit a fitness center or a mass,” says Tom Geek of the CMC.

Companies also create a benefit system that values ​​points. Employees then have points for the year and the MSC, which they choose according to their needs. “Here, it’s a good idea to create a collective benefit system for the active access of employees,” says Geek.

The course got connected

According to Boldie from Mercer, the current trend from the point of view of the employee is the growth of the significance of the financial security of the employee in case of loss of income, ie the risk of life insurance and thus the security of the employee. With the expected reform of the pension system, this benefit has come to fruition.

This can be expected even in the case of health care reform – in connection with this, the company will pay more popularity by paying for above-standard health care.

On the contrary, some benefits will gradually die out. According to Mercer, these are mainly contributions in the case of life years, the birth of a child, weddings and, according to such, rewards for work anniversaries.

“This traditional benefit is not appreciated by the employees as two, and with obvious satisfaction, they are the first candidates for cancellation,” thinks Boldi. According to him, contributions to children’s camps and recreation have better replaced contributions to leisure benefits – wellness, fitness, culture.

According to the personnel, in the Czech Republic there are not so many different products, which pamper their employees back to our country.

“I often come across benefits that are provided by some trade unions in some manufacturing companies. Among these benefits, the most interesting thing for me is the fall of the pedicure and the contribution to the stick, ”describes Boldi.

Other controversial benefits include the benefits that a company fills with a castle – and it is a parachute jump or corporate paintball, for example, with the subtitle “shoot your team.” Among the benefits of some companies are also meeting with the CEO in the vicinity of a significant life and work year.

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