At you will find the results of Test DNES. Check the quality of the goods

They can get on the Internet not only an overview of any offers of traders, but also recommended for the best goods on the market. Portl publishes new food quality tests, drugstores and electrical appliances.

The server does not provide similar information. The tests are prepared by the editorial staff of the MF DNES newspaper for the special TEST DNES area.

Currently published two test points on the quality of sausages, sr, vn and non-alcoholic beverages, baby diapers and modern robotic vacuum cleaners. The tests took place last year, and this year they will be completed at intervals of three days.

“For customers, the key factor when deciding on the purchase price, the quality of the product is definitely not on the edge of attention. People are more likely to fill purchases at home and require detailed information about the goods, ”says Ondej Hloup, project manager at the portal.

“From others, very professional tests, we will pay attention to the fact that we also monitor the prices of goods. We connect the obtained data with the current squadron offers. A new functionality is, for example, a number of acne goods according to the mark of quality. The consumer will thus be able to decide which factor is the longest for him when choosing, ”adds.

Portl presents all products that pass the independent test and are rated as above average. The boundary criterion is a mark of 2.4. Goods with this and its mark are badly recommended as appropriate. There are always some of the best products from each category. The specific findings and parameters of individual products are detailed in the product description. “We want to get the better, the size of the people.

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