Arrange the contract from home

Do you want to invest comfortably and quickly? You can now invest in one of the funds, where you can invest via the Internet directly from the comfort of your home.

You can conclude, change or monitor your contract with the pension fund via the Internet. Before you fill out the electronic form, choose your fund and conditions. If you are unsure, consult an expert, a representative of the selected pension fund or a financial advisor. The easiest way to find contacts is on the Internet. If you do not have access to it, ask your friends. Most people have some experience in this area, because financial advisors usually offer themselves.

Which funds offer the option of an online contract:

AXA pension fund
On the internet pages you can fill in enough online. Pot vm fund field in duplicate draft contract. If you agree with it, sign it and drill one impression back. You can also access the pension here.

SOB Pension Fund Progress, SOB Pension Fund Stability
The online access is still being prepared. It should be up and running in about half a year. Today, clients at can only submit enough information on how to access the online status of their deposits with SOB Penzijní fond.

Komern Bank Pension Fund
At you can fill out and send enough of the concluded contract. The fund vs will then contact you. With the help of the Internet it is possible to make changes and amendments to contracts.

Generali Pension Fund
The fund can arrange pension connections online at, here you can send enough about a change in the contract and monitor your et.

Provincial Pension Fund
At you can view the status here and fill out the contract. It is possible to send it by fax and e-mail and then go in writing with a signature.

Pension fund esk pojiovny
It is currently only possible to communicate with the Pension Fund of the Czech Insurance Company, ie by appointment and correspondence. You can fill in the change form at and send it. The insurance company after you will want to confirm the change with your own signature of the field in the pre-filled form, which you will sign and drill back.

ING Penzijn fund
The draft contract can be sent via the formula at Online access in the true sense of the word does not work. By default, the balance can be obtained by the client over the phone, it is also possible to apply for a contract or arrange an appointment with a consultant.

Pension fund esk spoitelny
On the internet pages you can fill in online forms enough about concluding a contract. The pension fund prepares the contract and fields for it to be signed in two copies. One return signed back to the fund, the other is yours. Changes to the contract can also be made via the electronic formula.

Allianz Pension Fund
On the website you can fill in online forms enough to conclude contracts and formulas for mucus changes. You then communicate with the pension fund by correspondence.

Commercial presentation:

KB Penbeing
You take it HERE pension connection agreement
with the most efficient economic pension fund on the market.
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