Are you rewarded for your work and justly rewarded? See in the calculations

Mon u have ever experienced it. if you are for a woman to increase your salary and you have not succeeded, because in his words dn jin jin firma vm ned vc. Today you have the opportunity to find out how it really is and how much they take elsewhere.

On the website of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, you will find a payroll and salary calculator, where you can check the usual remuneration for a given position in individual fields. The purpose of the calculator is to provide a basic orientation in income levels and to help in decision-making. It works easily. Enter the field, position, and region in which you work, the population, and the calculation of the average gross wage, based on the specified parameters of the statutes, both for the public and private sector.

And not only that, show the difference between the average dents and him. Mothers of young children, single parents and the elderly are considered to be the most disadvantaged groups in the labor market. The dog 80% en thus his position in the vnm, even the dog reached the distance. In addition, more than half of them think that they do not have the same wages and salaries as men for the same work.

The rest is confirmed by official statistics. The average gross monthly wage last year was 33,684 K. While men earned an average of 37,008 K, women only 29,627 K. The best paid group pay by jobseekers (contractors and two employees) is the difference in the average wages of women and mui 75 100 K, female 55 529 K. His specialist earned 54 688 K, female 40 586 K. And so we could continue with other positions and professions.

How do you pay for your salary

Have you tried the calculator? Or does it just make you feel that you deserve pay? How to pay for your salary, advice Tom Surka from the personnel consulting company Devire.

  • Enough about your salary is regularly associated with the completion of a successful project or with another positive result, which you have for the first time.
  • Business people will get a clear order, achieved or significantly more beautiful agreed agreements, other times it is a good argument for enough to pay for a new qualification.
  • On the contrary, it is not appropriate to drink for enthusiasm, with the fact that all colleagues at work or acquaintances from other companies take more than you. Or take out arguments such as whether the children run on the tracks rings, or if you need to renovate the apartment. Such things are not directly related to work and enthusiasm does not have to be interesting.
  • It is not even appropriate to threaten the employer to leave the company if there is no outside.
  • If you’ve got a competitive offer with a better salary, you can’t introduce it to your enthusiasts.
  • How many more pensions can you take ct? Five and ten percent are suitable. In addition, I can reach it if you say so. Or in a situation where you get more responsibility not yet.
  • Be prepared for the enthusiastic person to refuse the outside salary. In such a case, it is good to discuss it with him, he was not satisfied enough and try to set the duties or conditions that the wages bring.

If you want to raise the salary, change the city. Or not?

According to a survey conducted by the job portal, the strategy of most employees can be described as follows: If you want to increase your salary, change the city. Tm half of the respondents stated that the first change of city helped them to a better salary. Five people resorted to negotiations, another 12% helped the career progression. One tenth bet on increasing the qualification and 9% of the respondents stated that the number of years spent in companies helped them to increase the salary.

It seems that not to negotiate with fem and convince him of his qualities, it is easy for most people to try elsewhere. The reason for employees do not negotiate a salary, the more the atmosphere in the company does not feed the discussion, they have to strain relations with enthusiasm, fight to confront, or just choose the path of least resistance.

Intergenerational differences also play a role: while the next generation is afraid to discuss salary even when entering their first city, people over the age of 50 often negotiate, according to practical experience Michal Novk from the job portal and add: positions and with the exchange of distance they negotiate and change the employer, and at the moment when this variant sits. The fact that if they have sold a significant career development in the company and achieved a certain position, it is easy for me to play it also plays a role.

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Are you rewarded for your work and justly rewarded?

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