Are we really nrod etil? How to buy time and not go crazy

Discount, sale and even disposal of goods. He comes into contact with these inscriptions almost constantly. And even those who don’t have a deep pocket can buy at discounts. Is it a trend, mda, or a necessity? Actually, everything together.

Health, uncertainty and fear of the future. These are all factors that force even people who have not recently thought of it.

According to the regular currency of the breeding farm Incoma Shopping Monitor 2014, consumers have become accustomed to a certain controversy and pragmatic style of purchase. They realized that limited by the purchase of uritch categories the quality of their lives carried. The longer the tendency to break the shopping, the longer it is to make more small purchases in different types of stores.

“People used to look for even strong pots of goods and compare more salesmen. This confirms that they also have a growing interest in shopping appropriately and waiting for a truly suitable price offer for traders, ”to Ondej Hloup from the portal. The rest of them drank it on the fact that discounts on specific goods are repeated regularly, also with a little full purchase at “full price” is not necessary. How to buy time and not go crazy?

1.Discounts yes, but with common sense

If we are the birthplace of lovers of discounts, squadrons and special events, the Era survey also confirms. That’s where we discounted btvhodn. Traders often do not give handcuffs tricks. An often custom is to increase the price before the sale or pedestal period, which is even after discounts on the tracks.

So don’t be fooled by looking good, but really think about the value of the goods you want to buy. If you have time, make an idea of ​​the prices of goods before you start shopping centers. Internet price comparisons can be used for this.

Regarding discount offers, Era found that half of people over the age of 56 prefer discount squadrons, in other age categories, about 30 percent of respondents address squadrons. Mum complies with e-mails and women prefer coupons books and squadrons.

Help also help loyalty cards, which made their way to clients relatively quickly. “More than 85 percent of those asked use a loyalty card, which the retailer can provide them with benefits. The average number of people owns three and seven, and these are fixed food chain cards. The most frequent loyalty cards are used by managers at an active age, ”comments Jan Doubek, Era’s director of client communication, on the results of the survey.

If you don’t want to bring a lot of loyalty cards with you (maybe that’s why you don’t buy them) and you have a smart phone, you can use the Portmonka application. You will then load more cards into the phone and download the one-off discount, and the phone will then cost you to use the phone to apply the discount. Not all providers are here, but their number is growing.

2.The shopping list is a collection

If you want to shop efficiently, don’t worry and make a shopping list in advance. It doesn’t matter if you prefer classic paper or you need to get to know everything on your phone and tablet.

Era’s survey showed that people on shopping lists appreciate the main fact that they will not forget anything. The second and less important advantage is that the account is spent in the store. You can also add to the list of items the amount you are willing to spend for the given item. At the end of the month, you will be satisfied that you did not waste your pension.

3.Find your system

Although it is not necessary for the complaint, it is good to dry thin. At least for some time, they often serve as a grain leaf. In addition, according to them, it is easy to make a home inventory. No one can remember all the tracks.

According to the survey, women are not very thin, in some way they are 65 percent thin (10 percent more than not). For all those who do, keep thin from electronics, clothes and equipment for the household, and vice versa, especially for food, medicine or drugstores. Aunt’s respondent is as thin as they are, and they keep an overview of the goods for which they most often spend.

If you want to teach, you should keep a regular overview of your expenses. It takes a little discipline, but it definitely pays off. lines you metepst to seite or potae, then there is some spreadsheet processor, which for vs in spot. Some banks (such as Era and mBank) thus offer a service in their internet banking, which will automatically categorize the amount for each share. “Then see how many pensions you have spent in a given month on food, for a household or you for transport,” to Jan Doubek from Era. It is possible to set a limit for the route and look for your expenses to run more efficiently.

4.Payment by card, even in cash? Depending on what

Do you have to worry about withdrawing cash before buying or paying with a purchase card? Wrong about where and what you pay for. The cheapest and easiest option is to pay by card, especially when you are contactless here. The advantage is that you do not have to take the card out of your hand and have constant control over it.

“Clients who use a contactless card for the first time sometimes have concerns about accidental payment without their knowledge. However, this is not possible, as the card must be piloted very close to the start of the transaction to complete the transaction. Contactless payments are therefore safe, fast and convenient, ”explains Jan Doubek.

Contactless cards have spread rocket speed, offer all banks now. When you exchange after the card expires, the bank will offer the contactless card automatically, it can be applied for even before expiration. It happens to me that the card will not be “in stock” at the moment, as someone from Prague recently informed, when he wants a contactless card from esk spoitelny.

Today, you can also pay for small items with a contactless card, they have terminals in newsagents, cafes, and parking lots. A novelty is the possibility to buy “safe” for and refreshments in vending machines. “We noticed that the regular consumption of hot drinks from the vending machine must have an average of 22 kilograms of coins per year. In addition, it is by no means always the first number of coins at hand to buy money, ”says the main reason for the introduction of contactless payment in vending machines Daniel Novk, project manager of Delikomat.

Not always does the card pay off. When you do not have enough banknotes in your wallet, you leave the store with an empty one, when you have a card, it is easier to spend even more. Of course, only up to the set limit on the card and in the pension here.

Therefore, it is a good piece of advice for those who do not allow you to allow overdrafts here, so that you do not have to lose money and thus set low limits for individual types of card payments. When you want to buy something expensive, it’s always my limit. And the set limit is good also for safety. If someone steals your card (or overwrites the file for payments on the Internet), or you lose it, at least the thief and the dishonest finder will not flow.

And even if you pay more comfortably with the card, especially on the Internet, even here you are very careful. Shop like this (pay in advance) only at a small shop. The problems of e-shops are pointed out regularly by the consumer association dTest.

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