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If you want to take an exotic holiday, the best option is to set it up. If you have a bag deep in your pocket, choose credit card financing rather than holiday loans.

“If you buy a holiday from a travel agency, you can pay if you take it in the offer of the first minute or last minute, or that year, or just before the full departure. Go cheaper vs. my trips, for example, bought online via German travel tickets, ”says Lucie Horkov from the Rozumme penzm project.

You will not forget to travel with the darkness, because in case of departure with a German trip you will leave from Germany, where you have to arrange transport yourself.

“Don’t drink for anything you consume two, don’t pay for it. Keep in mind that you will meet even when you buy drone. And when you borrow, you forget about suitable offers from non-banking companies, ”explains Lucie Horkov.

How much to pay 100 thousand crowns for 5 years
Finann institutions years of mra Regular msn installment Total paid Paid years
Bank 10 % 2,125 crowns 127,483 crowns 27,483 crowns
Credit card 19 % 2,594 crowns 155,643 crowns 55 643 crowns
Spltkov spolenost 35% 3 549 crowns 212,942 crowns 112,942 crowns
Note: Bad for a specific loan and from which bank and company installments you borrow. stky are orientan.

To the detriment of many people, they drank the fact that they were not allowed to pay in installments. The photos almost fade and you go to meet something you have two in a row. It is better to go for things of lasting value, such as the reconstruction of an apartment, a car, or a furnished household.

“It is better to fill holiday expenses in advance and to save yourself. From the average salary for a cheap holiday in some of the nearby destinations you find per year. You will count on those exotic, with a little learning program for several years, ”adds Horkov.

If you do not have enough pensions for your holiday and do not want to give up your destination, choose another financing option. Credit cards are suitable for short-term consumption. If you manage to repay the debt by the end of the good term, which lasts 55 days, do not pay one year. If you run the bezel similarly, the loan will be a lot of hold (read more in our previous line).

If you know that you will not be able to repay the debt by the end of the debt-free period, take a lead-free loan from the bank. This should produce the least.

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