After the European insurance card, travel insurance covers more risks

According to surveys, everyone ignores the danger of a holiday and goes abroad without travel insurance. Not to rely on the fact that nothing will happen to me, it is better to pay for a week’s stay for a hundred crowns.

The main reason for reading travel insurance is the high cost of living in the event of a single illness, but it can help with the loss of luggage and the first advice in the event of an accident.

Blue card platinum yen in Europe

Most of the people are connected to the road in some way, not even here. These allowances can be paid for on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card, which is the card of your health insurance company.

Only this card is valid only in the countries of the European Union and does not cover the high co-payment paid to patients during initial care, hospitalization, dental procedures or the purchase of prescribed medicines and medical devices, such as canes and orthoses.

It is valid only in health care facilities financed from public sources. It is therefore not possible to rely on it 100%. In France, for example, with a “blue card”, always pay 30 percent for lkae, and 16 euros a day for food in the hospital.

Completely without problems or travel-related connection with payment cards. In addition to gold credits, they usually offer only a very limited payment and do not apply to a number of sports. For example, they would not have to cut the costs of eventually transporting the patient back to the republic (see more in the previous article).

Travel insurance for selected types of clients


Travel insurance for selected types of clients

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You can also insure yourself on Facebook

A contract is concluded with the komernná pojovna. The contract can be concluded to go on the day of departure not only at the branches of the state, but often on the fly, by phone or via the Internet (about the conclusion of travel insurance at the last minute, see in our previous line).

Several offers are offered via SMS first and Generali even has a discount for Facebook users. “He gave the novelty then represents a connected veterinary care abroad, it is intended for dogs, cocks and ferrets,” adds Jan Marek from esk pojiovny.

The minimum insurance period for most conditions is one day, and a maximum of 365 days. Within one contract, up to 100 people can be insured. The minimum premium is 50 or 100 crowns a day.

Don’t just look at the price

Choose the insurance according to your holiday activities. If you are riding a camel, ask if it is included in the insurance. Favorable rates can be given for children, people from the age of 70, on the other hand, have to deal with pirates. “Family insurance can also be taken out for the family,” recommends Dagmar Koutsk from Allianz.

The biggest risk when taking out insurance is a list of insurance debts for clients. “Each insurance company has different types of insurance risks with debts. For example, in the case of skull talents abroad, we do not cover the cost of oeten, if the symptoms of the disease showed to drive before leaving for the trip. For example, it is not possible to insure luggage that is in a swapped vehicle, but in a visible place, ”pointed out Marek Vch from Kooperativa.

Among the stems he gave the disease and times, which occurred during the wind or criminal activity of the client, when attempting suicide or self-harm, and so in the case of illness and once, which occurred after drinking alcohol or addiction.

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