After deregulation of the fine clay for 325 crowns a month

Hilda Pawlasov lived for twenty years in a service apartment in Tinec. When CPI Byty bought the house, it jumped by almost half after deregulation. The tenant would be able to go out of his pension, but the landlord wants to pay back in two and a half years. Make it wash.

The landlord of the apartment, Hild Pawlasov, signed an addendum to the lease agreements, which will increase the average rent from 1,865 crowns to 2,941 crowns from May this year. At the end of the amendment, the tenant found that it would pay externally not only in the future, but also for the period from December 2011. As soon as it signed the amendment, it would immediately owe 31 thousand crowns. m the landlord justified this? e m mrok, k Hilda Pawlasov. She did not sign the amendment and the landlord put the claim in court.

With 12,500 flats, CPI Flats is the second largest owner of the finest flats in the country. Pat into the Czech Property Investments (CPI) group around Radovan Vtek. According to a lawyer, Mr. Pawlasov bought the house in which the woman lived in 2003 for 305 thousand crowns from Tineckch Ironworks. The tenants did not receive an offer to buy at that time. In Tinec and eskm Tn, CPI Flats acquired a total of 4,400 flats and in 2010 there was a deregulation of the fine.

I was in court for six times, first at the district and then at the regional. I had to borrow for court talents from children, I also refused a quarter in court and I signed an amendment to the contracts in April this year, said Hilda Pawlasov. The vast majority of other dissatisfied nominees similarly gave up litigation. Those who persevered won a little less finely, only at the cost of court costs and first representation.

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With so many apartments, the landlord can deal with tenants from the position of hearsay, but even after deregulation, the rest of the rule remains. The landlord can suggest a change of name, but he has to do it in writing and only once a year, explains Tom Hork from the law firm Prof. Oto Novotn and partners. Invite me to design and at the level of comparable and usual finances in the city, but in the last few years may not exceed 20 percent. If there is a slight disagreement, or if the landlord, I can turn to the court to determine the fine.

So far, the CPI Byty company has followed the law. But for the need for referees to pay externally subtly? The court decides according to the law on the outside, from the date of the action. For this reason, if we agree out of court, we demand a supplement from the application, but let us attract all other costs from the castle, including the procedure of the CPI Apartments, talk to him Jan Burian.

By signing an amendment to her contracts, Hilda Pawlasov agreed to the terms dictated by the landlord. Only if she tried for long, it would not be very valid. According to attorney Tom Horek, the landlord actually has the right to appear on the outside since he filed the lawsuit, and the court would take this into account. From a bottom point of view, it’s backwards, but they lined it up at the time, it’s also in the horseshoe, explains the lawyer.

live according to the account

A thousand thousand debt of Hilda Pawlasov splc kad msc for thousands of crowns. From the outside, 7,687 crowns went to housing and services for 6,662 crowns, one thousand crowns to pay the debt to the landlord and the remaining 325 crowns to live on.

The tenant therefore went to the local branch of CPI Apartments, if they should not have any cheaper rent for her, because there are no shortages of vacant apartments in the area. People run from these flats, there are 12 vacant flats in our house. But the gentleman said to me that I would have to pay you the old one next to the new apartment. And I have to pay the debt of 30 thousand crowns anyway, to Hilda Pawlasov.

We have pointed out to the fairly possible exchange of an apartment that when you tell us about it, you must comply with the deadline, which is a standard condition arising from the law, states Jan Burian from CPI Apartments.

Hild Pawlasov thus had one last chance to apply to the city for a housing allowance. In such a case, the tenant must prove the cost of living, ie the sum of the tenants and services. You can compare them with normative housing costs and household income. In the end, Mr. Pawlasov plotted 2,270 crowns, which he compensates for the rest. But to compensate for the debt repayment unequivocally not a year. Lawyer Tom Hork doubts whether it can be confused in the cost of living. This is an accident for Mr. Urit, the court lawyer.

Hilda Pawlasov does not have to pay for 325 crowns a month, but for 2,595 crowns. This is not the case, but it is all according to the law. There’s nothing to get your teeth done for, not for food, not for ass, not for anything. Could our congratulations from thle stka t 30 days? pt se njemnice.

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