Accountant or etn? Free cities in a foreign language can be paid

Sales Representative, Customer Care Support, HR Generalista, Recruitment Consultant. Do you know the English names of jobs? Study what they really mean, many of them hide quite ordinary cities of an invoicer, HR or salesman.

Bad languages ​​claim that when a human resource manager wants to separate grain from chaff, the best from the average ones, he advertises a vacancy in English. This will ensure that only adepts arrive at the interview who know the actual language and know what is expected of them.

For example, on the Profesia advertising website, which only focuses on employee positions and middle management, there are less than eight percent job offers in English. Only two percent better is on the job portal of the same name in Slovakia, which did an interesting survey. She responded to the advertisement in her native language and twice as many candidates did not write in English. That doesn’t fill the bag. It turned out that vacancies advertised in a foreign language often offer a significant salary.

When the average salary stated in offers in Slovenian from May 2018 to March 2019 was 998 euros, in the offer written in English it was about 45 percent of your salary, ie 1,444 euros. In the case of German written advertising, a salary of 73 percent was even offered to you, ie 1,731 euros, said Michal Novk from

In addition, the number of jobs advertised in a foreign language is increasing for a long time because employers come to countries abroad.

English-named positions on Czech and Slovak job portals pibv. A good first for those who do not know a foreign language at the time is that these cities often do not require knowledge of the language at all. So why are they named in English? For example, because they can cover several job positions at once. Let’s describe the most common ones we will encounter in job advertising.

English shop

Probably the most English traders. Under this foreign name, I often hide a lot. Often the company needs a hunter who meets several requirements before ordering customers, offering products, fulfills, orders.

A typical multi-layered position is, for example, Account Manager. It is a universal name for work, which is associated with the care of the client (account). He is a contact person for the client, he sets the conditions of cooperation with him, offers him tailor-made services and coordinates the work on the project in compliance with the agreed budget, to Jitka Soukov from the staff of the Grafton Recruitment agency.

We will find positions of this type in advertising and marketing companies, but in any business companies. If you find the word Key before the position name, look for the hunter for the customer’s key. His duty is to maintain and develop long-term relationships with them, adds Jitka Soukov.

In trading companies, we may come across a number of positions beginning with the English word Sales or sales. Sales Representative is a sales representative who looks for new customers. In all companies, he is subordinated to the Sales Manager, who leads the team, sees the full sales representatives and is accountable to the Sales Director, ie the sales director. How he rewards in these positions, I think badly in the hierarchy in the company and especially in how someone asks.

There is often one English named Customer Care Support position in the store. They are the people who take care of the so-called customers, most often by phone or as online support. Jitka Soukov explains orders, complaints and records customer requests to the CRM system, ie Customer Relationship Management or customer relationship.

Generalist to you druz

Such a girl for everything in the field of human resources is a Recruitment Consultant. It is a human resources manager who performs a workforce and auditions, monitors the situation on the labor market and promotes the company to potential employees, describes the position of Soukov. It also motivates existing employees, keeps records of them and sets requirements for individual jobs.

HR generalist nen dn generl, although he did not know the English of Svd. An adept for this position is usually a professional education or a bachelor’s degree. He will be in charge of what the job boards are about.

Professions where graduation:


It ensures the input of input semi-finished products into production so that the result corresponds to no client. It communicates with customers and suppliers, fulfills orders and deadlines in all parts of production and distribution horses, about which it keeps records. It cooperates with warehouses and prepares documents for the dispatch of goods.


Engage in the creation of engaging ad text firmly for the promotion and marketing of companies. In cooperation with a graphic designer, he assesses and creates advertising trends and creative concepts. Responsible for the stylistic, content and emotional side, as well as the form of its presentation, including the size and type of dog.

3.DTP cover

With the help of a software program for processing images and texts, the design of advertising materials according to the formed background. Performs graphic editing and finalizes dark designs to the final form in prepress. Collaborates on the preparation of advertising and promotional events.


The consultant will gain detailed knowledge of the industry in which he works. The working plan is an analysis of the client’s requirements and a proposal for process optimization and its implementation. The following are the projects on which the work is based.

5.Web designer

It manages and prepares a graphic design, spread out information on pages and a basic structure of web pages on the Internet. With the help of graphic hardware and software, create the graphic appearance of web pages.

6.Event specialist

I am in charge of filling, preparation and initiative of various types. He prepares and organizes knees, conferences, seminars and other events for customers, clients and users, based on the visible product and services of the company.

7.Category manager

I’m worried about selected separately in retail or wholesale. Responsible for selecting and purchasing a certain assortment in his sales department. He takes care of the full economic cl.

8.Office manager

His work consists of many different rounds through administrative activities, coordination of assistants, daily dealings with the company’s suppliers. According to the round, I can prepare materials for the personal agenda and organize various social and corporate events.

Source:,, Grafton Recruitment

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