According to the last development, silver may be as precious as gold

Stbro is a bit in the wall of his dear colleagues, such as gold or platinum. However, this in no way diminishes its attractiveness as an investment in baldness.

Gold has always been considered a favorite among precious metals. In the near future, however, my situation will change somewhat.

Gold has been a source of silver since time immemorial, the role of silver as currency then declined for good at the end of the nineteenth century, which did not have a positive effect on its value. At present, the silver market is an interesting investment for investors, not least because it has lost half of its value in the last six months.

Pro stbro?
Stbro, together with gold and other precious metals, has long been considered a preserver of value, which is gaining price, especially in times of high inflation and uncertainty. Investors use it as an alternative tool to bonds and shares, especially due to its low correlation with capital markets.

One of the factors for keeping its value in the long run is the inelasticity of its supply and demand. This metal is sold to a large extent as a by-product of other metals, and even the increase in price does not practically affect its quantity on the market and supply.

On the other hand, the use of silver in a wide range of products, but in a very small amount, causes that even with high price increases, the demand for silver increases dramatically.

Zsoby stbra se ten

Lack of silver has been a much-discussed issue recently. For several years, the consumption of silver has been dominated by production and its resources have been dramatically reduced (industrial production, perks, photographic materials, coins and medals consume 95 percent of all production).

At the end of the 20th century, silver was estimated at 2 billion ounces, but today silver is estimated at 200 million ounces worldwide.

As with other commodities, the demand for silver is markedly growing in fast-growing countries such as India and, as a result, rising prices for the metal.

On the other hand, the current economic situation, when the world economy is slowing down, may not affect the price of commodities and precious metals. The negative effect is thus strengthening the dollar, which puts precious metals at a disadvantage as an alternative investment.

However, silver has fallen sharply in recent months, falling from a record high of over $ 20 an ounce to nine dollars, the last time it was in spring 2006.

At the same time, the valuation can be very attractive for investors, especially in combination with the fact that investment coins and ingots are currently a popular profile on the American continent.

However, if it remains only with investment gold coins, this situation may not mean practically anything. Investin silver represents only 5 percent of the total volume of silver and may not have a large effect on the price of metal.

But if silver began to be missing in industry as well, its price could rise very soon.

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