Abroad, we’ll leave, for God’s sake we will be in Bulgaria and Turkey

In the meantime, a 3% increase in the price of staying abroad is the currency of the NB’s intervention. However, there are destinations where it will be relatively cheap for Czechs.

This follows from the traditional analysis of UniCredit Bank, which shows a trend in tourism and financial breeding when traveling abroad.

“The recession in the Czech economy has changed our travel habits with surprisingly little. Even if they do not give up their foreign holidays, they will only shorten their stays if they need to read, ”said Pavel Sobek, chief economist at UniCredit Bank.


The most popular destination is Croatia, the holiday here lasts 800 thousand. Italy belongs to stable countries, where it travels a million euros.

The trend continues where Czech households control their costs, most of them still do not want to give up. This logic fits exactly 40 percent of Turkey, a country that is cheaper for you, and at the same time offers a lot of interesting things.

Thus, the number of Czech tourist destinations is growing, in Tunisia or even in Morocco. In short, the people are looking for an alternative to the two popular Egypt, which has experienced a sharp increase in tourists due to security risks in the country.

“Even the situation in Egypt made it possible to send positions, especially to Tunisia, Turkey, Greece and Morocco, all the signals from European markets now suggest that Egypt is back and will return to its original strength. It is the bottom of the calming political situation, but also the fact that, as a full destination, a flight of three hours from Europe is essentially unrivaled, ”said Stanislav Zma, Marketing Director and Press Officer Exim Tours.

Mn people not in previous years mdo Maarskaa Bulgaria. “In the segment of cheaper holidays, Bulgaria also has potential, the country has to invest in the renewal of tourist infrastructure. A number of people go to Hungary only for short-term stays in various places of vacation. The rest of the shortened holiday is a long-term trend, ”adds Stanislav Zima.

As a result, it promises a neighboring Slovakia, which is now at an all-time low. Its big competitor was Austria, which, and one of the dram countries, visited 340,000 last year. It wasn’t even half when we joined the European Union. The number of trips to Germany reached the pedicure level.

“It is a good proof that even in the long term they will get rich, in western countries we can buy for a pension about a tenth more than ten years ago. On the contrary, prices in the countries of the Balkans are rising from the point of view of Czech money, even though it is still cheap for us, ”adds Pavel Sobek.

The cheapest is traditional Bulgaria

You can also buy an aunt more than at home in Bulgaria for the same pension, so it is 12 percent cheaper in Hungary and Turkey. They will also feel at home in Croatia, prices are comparable in both countries.

For the first time in history, Slovakia has ranked among the countries where prices are not in the Czech Republic. And we are still in Greece and traditionally on the back of the US, where we have to keep up with the prices of you about 30 and 40 percent.

On average, we buy 14 percent more goods and services abroad, not in the Czech Republic. One thousand crowns in the Czech Republic is worth only 855 crowns abroad. The situation is better, ten years ago it was only 773 crowns.

What is the value of m

It is important to take the weight, the consumer residents (shown in the graph) and the tourist. Tourists spend more on hostels and restaurants, recreation, culture, transport or alcoholic beverages. Residents, in turn, for energy and njemn.

In practice, it is the purchase of a tourist to go a little lower, not as the data suggests. According to a study by UniCredit Bank, the purchase of consumers is an average of 18 percent lower than for non-residents.

Allowed against the lot by something

The cost of a holiday abroad will increase by an average of 3.7 percent this year. On the contrary, the declining purchase of the koruna is not the largest number in relatively expensive destinations such as Austria, Germany and France.


When traveling down the road, we can afford to spend more than ten years ago (20 percent in Germany or France, 15 percent in Austria and Italy). On the contrary, the “cheap” land in the south and the entrance are expensive from year to year. The salary is especially true for Egypt and Tunisia. The exceptions to this rule are Turkey and Hungary. Kolsn tamnch mn eskm turistm momentln nahrv.

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