A new insurance bill for life insurance. Fr but also car scams

Binder fraudsters have discovered a new trick. A dishonest “linker” closes the life insurance for anything you want to sacrifice. Pay for them no more than two insurance installments, roughly a tonne commission for a life insurance contract and stop paying insurance. Damaged clients only then find out that they have become the target of fraud.

With a similar tactic, dishonest people to take out life insurance and two people in financial trouble, which are conditioned by the consumer credit. Even in this case, the fraudulent for the insurance commission will be crushed and the twin who concluded the contract, his financial situation will go even worse.

Build fiktivn times and the codes pi zplavch

Even with the well-known ingenuity of fraudsters, it is possible to bleed fraud, compared to previous years to register and twice as much detected fraud.

Binders sometimes use classic detective methods. Detective Allianz Pojiovny spent, for example, several days in an ingenious closet in front of the house of Mue, who reported it once. The injuries of the person still did not stick, and according to the drugs, he was once limited by physical activity. However, the detective gathered evidence of how long it would take him to heat his car. The documents he submitted in connection were forged.

A similar Czech insurance company convicted the injured amateur football player. According to him, he felt a small bone in his leg. He collected 80 thousand crowns from the insurance for once. Vyetovn, however, revealed that during the time he fought intensively in the championship matches and in one of the ways he even scored a gl. The revision of his injuries confirmed that the bad bone is completely in the horseshoe, he had to shake his pension and in case of legal action.

Detective search methods are used for suspicious codes during floods and floods. For example, the owner of a house in the Moravian-Silesian region reported Allianz’s well-known code for a spring trip. It looked like a double. The detectives found out that the house was standing on a hill, around which there were days, and they got a witness to the debt, that the property was undergoing a planned reconstruction.

The most common is the type of motor vehicles

The biggest fraud is detected by domestic insurance companies in emergency insurance and compulsory insurance, when motorists report fictitious accidents and try to get rich by hundreds of people. Some of the scams detected are naive.

The example is the idi who arranged his raven so that Generali would pay him a pension from the obligatory ruins for the sickle with the animal. the code reached almost one hundred thousand crowns. An analysis of the hair left on the car, but revealed that the fur came from a fishing tackle and used as a sport for sport fishing.

Even the fake havrka, which the driver of the VW Multivan tried to collect from SOB Pojiovny pes 73 thousand crowns, brought the code to the day of the avoidance. As the insurance company immediately found out, with the car crashing into a tree two days later, it was not flown by its young son and the fall of a young man behind the wheel of a police force. idika believed that the insurance company did not have access to police records.

The complexity of organized fraud is complicated

Organized frauds are, according to the constituent, a number of cases, their amount is not limited. The gang from Vraan is revealed by an example by a Czech company. An incredible number of people were involved in it – car owners, police officers, repair shops and service stations, car dealers and women who had only children or testimonials. With the help of the pot program and the exchange of information with other insurance companies, it was possible to analyze a huge amount of data, untangle the gang’s tentacles and reveal frauds worth millions of crowns.

The organized group of fraudsters was thus exposed by an Czech business insurance company. The gang, in which car service workers were also involved, beat the car completely destroyed cars, repaired cars or built them from stolen dl. Then the fraudsters mentally crashed with them, put them in a car repair shop and destroyed or stole the cars there. They wanted to heal from the car insurance liability insurance.

Businessman scams go into the millions

Fictitious insurance events are reported to the insurance company by the entrepreneur. Here, too, the codes go to reversible ages. An entrepreneur from the entrance of the republic, for example, demanded that the insurance company reimburse him for the removal of his rubble, so the removal of rubble, their volume was confirmed by an expert opinion. However, the amount was suspiciously high, so the insurance company conducted a report and revealed that the entrepreneur increased the volume of rubble and wanted to spend 4.5 million crowns.

The dishonest businessman wanted to give money to the destroyed chemicals, which accelerate the growth and growth of plants. In his warehouse, the hot water heater burst due to frost, which, according to his claim, destroyed the storage of ornamental bulbs and chemicals. However, the expert expert found that the burst hot water pipeline could not have caused the chemicals to change at all days, and the value on the market would cost about 10 thousand crowns and not 1.5 million, according to the invoices.

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