A new generation of employees of the city center and is in debt

A typical employee around the age of thirty does not have a pension. On the other hand, do not be afraid to worry about an adequate salary for your current needs. Std is employed and often is not afraid to go abroad to work.

According to HR professionals, two completely different generations now meet on the labor market. In its study, Hays personally refers to these two groups as Generation X and Y.

Ronky 60s versus generation born after 1976

According to the study, Generation X represents a people born after 1961, so they are employees today in the age of forty to fifty.

Today, the young generation of Y was born after 1976, ie currently employees under the age of 35. It is a generation that graduated from the middle round in the post-revolutionary period, otherwise the thorn practically does not remember the environment. From their old ranks they differ not only by work habits and eyesight, but often by lifestyle.

“No problem with the problem, do not need to read for a long time. Their priority is their own life and at the same time the right balance between work and private life. They are convinced that they should receive an adequate rating for their work, and if the reward is not according to their ideas, start looking around for interesting interest, ”explains Radka Vantuchov, a manager from Hays.

Generation X mainly prefers stability

According to Vantuchov, Generation Y is diametrically different from the previous one, who preferred stability, job security and life. “People from Generation Y cannot be considered puppets, do not be afraid to come out open to their views, they would run counter to the leadership of society, fight for their first and do not be afraid to leave the unspoken society in case,” adds Vantuchov.

According to a Hays survey, among office workers in large companies, people in the Y generation are 95 percent highly educated, 70 percent of them have at least a brief experience of working abroad and are more likely to seek a work-life balance.

Even psychologist and personal Tom Vak see differences in both generations. “Today it is possible for people under the age of 30 to go looking for, stay in town, travel. And later there will be a certain stability of life, ”thinks Vak. According to him, banking products are the line between visibility and stability today.

“There was two freedoms to change jobs. Today, a hunter is immersed in the system by taking a mortgage, often for life. It is possible to say that it is a new kind of non-freedom, ”says Vak.

The bag does not have such a large gap between the bar and the bar at work. “In those twenty years, even people born in the 1960s have learned to work with pota, or a foreign language. That was the highlight of the 1990s, ”added Vak.

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