A few days ago they had a great functioning gastronomic company, today they are fighting for a drink

Those years ago, Petra Paviov left her position as a manager in the corporation and founded FoodIN catering with her husband. From scratch, they were able to build a company with a position of renowned characters. However, this literally changed overnight during the coronavirus pandemic. These days, the company is struggling for peit, as well as its supplier, which are producers, growers and breeders.

Petra Paviová always enjoyed gastronomy and preparation. For a long time, the bag was just the end for her. She pursued her professional career in a different direction. She worked out and held the position of CSR manager in a telecommunications company.

Years ago, the bag decided to change dramatically. Together with his husband, who comes from Serbia, he founded the catering company FoodIN catering and prepares an original prompt with a number of local suppliers.

You were a manager in a large telecomfirm fish. Co vs pimlo svt korportu opustit?
For me, working in the body meant constant stress, pressure on you to perform at any cost. This was reflected in my psyche by a lack of well-being. I was very exhausted and decided to change that. I wanted to dedicate my energy to him, in which I would see in the sense.

From telecommunications to gastronomy, this is a business leap. For this particular field?
We always had a close approach to the family, including a man from Balkn, there he was used to the fact that the people prepare a lot of food at home themselves. You will have cheese, yoghurts or rods. And it’s mm similar. In addition, in my original profession, I worked on a project supporting small businesses, so we connected these two terms in our current business, which is closely connected with small Czech growers, farms and small producers.

How do you start a business in a field that you enjoy, but you do not have a day of experience with it and you don’t know much about it?
The arrests were made, it was about improvisation and looking for the right way. N kamard ns led to the misconception of eating a food truck and going out with us in the Czech Republic. It was not easy at all, the people wanted to find a lot for a small pension. In the end, there were days when we did not even cover our costs.

But on the other hand, I gained a great deal of experience, at the cost of a great physical question. At that time, people began to ask us if we would like to bring them to various celebrations and corporate events. This led us to a catering service and we sold the food truck over time.

Who were your customers at the arrest?
The first inquiries for our catering saw from a series of contacts from the original staff. It was about corporate events and celebrations, where we came with our food truck. Gradually, we started to address and give companies and offered them the import of sndan, coffee break, obd directly to their offices. Although our service is different, we were able to address and succeed even with such prominent companies in the market as Microsoft, IKEA, HP, Swarovski, LMC and koda.

These are definitely time clients. Pesto, was everything really so smooth, or were there even moments when you hurt you, if you didn’t wrap it up?
We had to handle the arrests in order to find the right way. Then it was possible and surprisingly smooth. It only took us a while, we didn’t find the most suitable spaces for us. Our first stone establishment was on the Harp, but the space was soon small. We have been looking for a long time for a representative space where, in addition to the factory, there would also be a suitable ground for the knees and events. We only poured it last year.

Today we present in Battist’s brickyard in the cracks of the fleas. In addition to the ground floor for our production, this space also offers generous spaces in the form of a glazed upper floor with two balconies, which is suitable for presentations, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and even weddings. There is a wine bar and a restaurant on the ground floor, which is suitable for business and private lunches, when the guest wants to have a private one. As a bonus, there is also an outdoor area where there is a quiet garden with the possibility of sitting.

Take from the food truck you’re down to your own generous establishment
I did it well and I am very grateful for it. I only became a business man. Gradually, the number of ten employees has grown to six and the number of our clients is about three hundred. The actual stlch is about fifty. At present, the turnover is one million crowns.

What is the difference compared to classic catering? I’m interested, for large companies they prefer to take the established, long-term catering company.
We emphasize the locality of food, this sets us apart from traditional catering companies buying ingredients from large suppliers, hypermarkets and retailers. We personally select all raw materials and products and buy them directly from small Czech farms, growers and small producers. We are constantly looking for new growers and farms to be sure that we will offer our clients the best of the site.

How does such a problem go?
We establish personal relationships with all suppliers. Let’s always say that I am going to visit them so that I know the environment where their products come from. This allows me to create an atmosphere and pbhy, which then during the catering service itself to its clients. We rely a lot on catering with a touch of atmosphere.

We take you a lot of sausages and cheese from the farm Devec or Drovice. Prutrie Chovaneek from Litomicko was once again a great lamb rod. Our other regular suppliers are Ttv sad, Bio Vavinec farm Okrouhlice, Farm Oldi, Ekologick farm Kozohorsk, Korovi krlci and others.

All this was valid to go before the morning. Nowadays, gastronomy is one of the business branches that are on the list of endangered species due to the current situation with coronavirus pandas. How has it signed on vs so far?
The current situation is in full swing. From day to day we drank about all the contracted events and until the end of the year. Companies canceled their orders and we fully honored the impact of the current situation. In the company, we both work with the husband, it is the main source of income, we are responsible for our employees and we have to pay all our volumes. Therefore, after a sweat eye, we had to mobilize quickly and figure out what long. During the day, we joined forces with Petit Forester, who used a refrigerated container and a refrigerated car, and, in cooperation with our suppliers, put together an e-shop with local food from Czech manufacturers.

Is the operation closed as such?
We had to stop the production completely, but we immediately threw all our ears into the e-shop. We have learned from our suppliers that due to coronavirus defects and limitations, they do not have sales for their products, which they have prepared for distribution. They didn’t know what to do with that food. We immediately attacked the internet sales of their products and during the day we implemented the idea. We have almost 14 days behind us since the e-shop.

So what can you find in your e-shop?
At present, we offer products from our proven suppliers, small Czech producers, meat, butter, cheese, mill products, sausages, rods, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Gradually, we want to get used to production with us and offer our own products on the e-shop. We carry out the preparation of various dishes for you in glasses.

It is assumed that special food producers were at great risk
Yes, everyone is afraid that the current situation will be liquidated for us, but we dream of encouraging them. We assured them that our cooperation continues. Large producers supply to large food chains, such as Tesco, Rohlk or Kok, but the producers suddenly did not have their regular customers. Restaurants are closed, farm markets are not held, and our catering services are over. And they look for sales for their products so quickly that they don’t have to throw them away. Thanks to the fact that we started our e-shop, we brought them a little hope in these days.

At the same time, it is a huge pressure, when you basically took responsibility for small producers
Na ern mylenky nen as. We have to work on the e-shop, move it as soon as possible, glue it up, catch up shortcomings. We parted him unexpectedly under great stress. But very much, get the first feedback from happy customers.

Do you dare to read it now, how can the current situation affect the company, or is it possible to go for some estimates soon?
It will definitely work, but we know that we are surrounded by the first people, small producers and together we will manage the situation.

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