A drone pilot, an electrician, or a caretaker? Do you know the job trends for 2020?

The beginning of the new year is often carried in the desire for change, often in working life. Someone’s contract expired for a certain period. Do you also think about the direction to go in your profession? Be inspired by the commentary of the South Jemelka business team.

For several years, the darkness of Industry 4.0, specifically automation, robotics and digitization, resonates with the labor market. Experts agree that the future will be significant for the IT profession in particular.

In 2016, the World Economic Fraud, called The Future of Jobs, predicted that there would be strong demand around 2020, especially for data analysts, IT security specialists, programmers and software developers, especially those focusing on artificial intelligence.

Good prospects also prevail in positions associated with new technologies, including technical specialists in 3D printing, experts in smart technologies for home, transport, security, including their gossip and operation, as well as commercial drone pilots. In addition to these modern fields, the strong demand will continue for traditional crafts, especially plumbers and electricians. Development is also evident in the construction sector, so in the future there will be no shortage of architects, the construction manager and the profession, according to the commercial and residential construction.

Transforming companies will issue quality managers

Given how the industry will be promoted in the coming years, experts will present the well-known need for HR specialists, retraining experts and quality managers who will be able to handle turbulent developments.

It is not just about technological companies, which are of course most closely connected with Industry 4.0, but also about a number of other fields. The most frequent talks in this regard are companies of media, information and operations in the liberal industry. In fact, it is true that a quality manager will be used in the future in any sector.

A promising future for creatives and social workers

Some job positions will probably disappear, or they will go from people to machines, but there will still be a number of them, on which the robot hunter will stop only st. And first you don’t have to worry about your future and there is a promise of good implementation in them.

It is mainly about creative permits, such as marketing specialists, or products and other design. And given the rigid population, there will be a greater need for social workers specializing in senior services, physiotherapists, carers and other teachers and medical professionals.

Business trends? Mobile application and star good craftsmanship

And what about advising those who want to start a business in the field, which has the potential to stay on the market in the next decade? It can be expected that the business will go for many years to keep up with the trend of mobile applications and the communication of various services for an easier life. Many potentially environmentally friendly products or services can show great potential.

The request is likely to be in line with specialized financial and first advisers. With regard to the trend of outsourcing, both external suppliers of various services and external creatives will find good employment.

A separate chapter is then the craftsmen of its kind, which are very much in place today and in the future, and the strong old lines are eliminated in this way, the trades, I am hungry for quality craftsmen, intensify.

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