A day with the bank: How to build a company with a turnover of billions from scratch

Radomr Lapk is a Czech entrepreneur who worked out from scratch. The Czech public knows him as the founder of the Moravian Monetary System, which this year turned into Trinity Bank, the youngest Czech bank. His business bag two crossed the borders of the Czech Republic. Lapk now belongs in the world of finance to recognized experts.

Radomr Lapk is a specialist in foreign exchange transactions and the owner of the SAB Finance group, which operates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, London and New York. Last year alone, his company achieved a turnover of 290 billion crowns and this year for three quarters of sales in the amount of 214 billion. Since 2017, he has also been the owner of FCM Bank in Malta.

In the financial world, it’s a lot about relationships. You have to establish cooperation on an ongoing basis and establish relationships with the people of Zlín. He built his company step by step and his work would be managed by few people.

On their business trips, Lapk spends an incredible amount of time and thousands of kilometers on airplanes. often fails to make the connection and closes the situation when the range is even 20 hours below.

I don’t even have to worry about it, it’s left to get angry, it reacts. But I can make time for my family and always try to spend at least two days a week. And how did his wife manage his absence at home? Mus, ks laughing businessman.

From Prague to London

Together with nm, we will embark on a business trip that will be relatively nron. His working time is a bank, a teacher, a philanthropist and his father literally for minutes. The flight is filled from Prague to London and Valletta in Malta. At seven o’clock in the morning, our plane takes off in the direction of London. We have a financial center that passes 40 percent of the world’s finances. Pistvme around London, the city time after eight o’clock.

At the time of our piste, Brexit was about to enter the UK. None of this is done yet. Entry from the European Union was postponed and thousands of commemorative coins, which were issued on 31 June 2019 to celebrate this divorce, took St. Te Britov e, co dl. Radomr Lapk is clear.

We are ready for Brexit. Brexit means for intermediaries of foreign exchange trade especially new business problems and complications and endangered trade, k.

His company SAB Finance shared in the Swiss skyscraper Swiss Re Tower, which is called Okurka. A mortal person will not get here, only on the invitation of those who have a business here. Upon entering the unique building, he goes through a written check and, together with Lapk, goes out to meet his co-workers and employees.

We had, so we have to dt, to Lapk.

Its London office specializes in foreign exchange transactions and payment services in the United Kingdom and intermediaries for domestic and foreign foreign exchange payments. Current SAB Finance with 17 thousand clients. Last year, it increased its profit by aunt to 71 million crowns.

How is kl k rush?

There is a competitive environment in London, and it is important to communicate with clients and conquer their courts. Relationships are invaluable, it is not possible to stick the bottom price tag on them. You can see you longer from this building, to one of his collaborators, we will meet them for the first time on the 29th Friday of London’s Cucumbers.

For Lapka, contact with co-workers is obviously important.

When we hire new employees, go through special Hogan tests. It is interesting that the British come out of them in such a way that they have a lot of self-confidence, not to mention the banks.

Working meeting before eleven o’clock. After the meeting, the employees go by the restaurant and ascend to the 40th floor. In a moment’s respite, we have the pleasure of visiting London from the top of Cucumber. 180 meter high skyscraper has an iconic charm, the view is impressive. Modern architecture combines with historic buildings and two huge vistas.

Z Londna do Valletty

as it is unpleasant, but Radomra Lapka’s working trip does not end, he continues to Malta. Let’s go back to fly and on the way we take houses with a brick facade. They are similar to the one built in Tom by Tom Baa. How symbolic. Radomr Lapk is a Zlín patriot and his heart is the patron of this city.

Mortar ns after skin in a child who is not very common here. Let’s shake hands with other colleagues Radomra Lapka. One of them is Duan Benda, he is also the bank of the body. He has been cooperating with Lapk for ten years, helping him build Moravsk penn stav, Trinity Bank and the Maltese bank FCM Bank.

When we took over the bank in Malta, she had nine employees, and we have twenty-four of them. It’s nron prce, but I’m used to it, to Benda. Under his leadership, the bank is able to attract new clients. We have two thousand of them, note when you run the bank.

Have you decided to do business in Malta as well? ptm with Radomra Lapka. The climate is favorable, I read here and speak English. If Brexit takes place in the UK, Malta will remain one of the two English-speaking countries in the European Union, noting that he studied business first at Nottingham Trent University and that English is a business venture for him. Dleit is for him and vra. I’m very busy. It gives me two inner peace, the ability to cope with stress and question, the bank is being renewed.

It is nine o’clock in the evening and a 14-hour working day is spent with the bank. He raises his hands on the fly to Vallett. ek ns nvrat to Prague. Radomr Lapk eats for a weekend with his family in Malta. On Monday, however, he gave him years and work duties.

And how are his dreams given? Mt i bank in Hungary, k. Whether it works, uke as. The fact that you can create a team around you that you can rely on is a good precondition that this Czech entrepreneur has managed to expand.

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