A broken arm left a woman from retirement. But you can also go to the bank with your son-in-law

In addition to pain, a broken arm will mean a financial complication. Mr. Lenka from Prague was also convinced of this. Suddenly, she could not sign at the bank and could not even draw pensions from an ATM.

She only denped the team, she didn’t break her arm, because Lenka used up the entire limit for buying a home apartment on her credit card. She had only pr crowns in her penny, with which she would definitely not stand until the limit was renewed. Her original full choice of pensions at the branch took the time for St. She didn’t even get fat in her injured hand, so that she could sign according to the signature pattern.

In the end, Lenka dealt with her situation with a loan from pbznch. However, it is not always possible to give the most promising duo who will be willing to sponsor for some time. Then you will have nothing left but to visit your bank and hope that your pension and your indisposition will be issued.

Prepare two valid identity documents

Even though banks with similar cases do not meet often, they claim to be ready for it. Approach each cadmium individually. “For example, it takes into account how high the client wants to choose, whether the bank knows the client personally and so on,” says Eva Chaloupkov from Citibank.

However, practically always employees at the request of the presentation of two valid proofs of identity, for example, a combination of an identity card with an idik, passports and a birth certificate.

If you and the victim are able to sign, you would not follow the pattern, there will be a vs vs Potovn spoitelnoppist chtt.

“At UniCredit Bank, we require the client to submit two proofs of identity and at the same time contact his home branch and directly to a personal bank, which I can guarantee the client’s integrity,” says Petr Plocek.

You can empower and give a person

GE Money Bank offers only when the client has authorized the hunter and he / she has to pay the pension. ”The designated person attaches his / her signature to the power of attorney and submits a valid ID to identify it. The owner presented a valid ID card here, if the situation so requires, and gave a document with a photograph, ”explains Pavel Zbek, the bank’s spokesman.

At Komern banka, they agree with the client on a temporary change of the signature pattern. I can choose a simple form of signature, which he can master in a given moment. If the owner is not able to sign and control the ATM at all, I can only use it in the presence of a note at the branch. Or give someone a power of attorney by notation.

Giving a dog a power of attorney to another hunter after vs will be required by some gave the bank, if due to injuries and other circumstances you will forever lose the opportunity to sign. But be prepared that not after vs budechtt tiscikorunov fee.

Raiffeisenbank sta kd ze SMS

At Raiffeisenbank, according to his spokesman Tome Kofron, it is often not the case that clients would sign in front of a bank employee when withdrawing cash at a branch. Although they understandably have this option, in the vast majority of cases, they use the so-called SMS authorization at eKonto.

“This is confirmed similarly to internet transactions. The client receives an SMS from his mobile phone and he sends it to the bank, ”explains Kofro.

Only pay for Potovn spořitelna to change the signature pattern

Not only because of the injuries, but also you may find it difficult to sign the pattern. Of course, you have the opportunity to change it at the bank.

Just when you come to the branch that leads the network and there you create a new signature pattern. There will be no dn fee for changing the signature of vs vs most banks. An exception is Potovn spoitelna, which shoots 26 crowns.

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