A basic question from an investor: I want to invest

We have probably heard something about the initiation and we know that the pension will lose its purchasing service. We know that pensions deposited in bnm here at the bank or in cash at home lose value and so that we have the opportunity not to lose this value. It’s up to you to invest. But how?

Before owning an investment, it is good to realize for our own that we want to invest. What about the investment fund?

Investors have the following reasons for investing:

• We have issued pensions in some way, now we want to save and spend them in the future.
• We want to save the pension queens somehow profit (“and work”).
• We want to protect them from in ac.
• We want to make them rich and one day in the future have a “pile of pensions” from them.
• We want to invest them so that we don’t drink.

The reasons given are typical and are logical. Sometimes it happens that we want to save some pensions at times pt, because in the future we want to buy some dra vc. You house, car, vacation and so on. We can’t buy these things from a single paycheck. So we can hardly get a one-time reward at work or profit shares. We do not want to spend these funds now and we want to invest them. A nm nco mlo vydlaj. We have always heard it several times that the pension is a pension or that a “pension must be asked”.

So you heard about long-term investments. The fact that it is possible to invest for a long time and then the returns are very interesting. Even Microsoft used to be a small company. Whoever held his shares at that time makes many profits today. There is always some truth in the above arguments. I’m mon with darkness
It is possible to invest something in this way and achieve it in the mentioned cl. Motives to invest and if they are even more likely to invest. Therefore, individual investments will also differ from each other. For every client, investment is good.

What share funds can you invest in?

The investment portfolio for a 50-year-old hunter, who has no positive experience with investment and pension only on term deposits in the bank, will look different. He now received a one-time reward of 30,000 K at work and would like to go on holiday for five years for these pensions. The investment will look different when this 50-year-old hunter wants to invest for his first-born grandson. Ddeek will want his grandson to have some life in life.

All motives have something in common. I want two things at once:
1) Spend as much as possible.
2) Mt sure that we will not delay.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to meet both requirements at the same time. We have to take certain risks to pay if the income is achieved – to risk that it may not be possible. If we want security of the entrance, we should not sweat with a high nose. If we want to take advantage of the outflow, we must allow uncertainty (allow for decline).

How I want input

The return on investment is very important, incl. Especially in the case if we want to invest for a long time.


Ddeek wants to give his grandson one salary (20,000 K) and wants to save it for him until he grows up. He wants to invest it once, for 18 years the pensions will not be used and for the 18th birthday he is a grandson
picks up. Ddeek chooses between two investment options:
1) S vnosem 2 % ron.
2) S vnosem 8 % ron.

What will be the value of the investment after 18 years?

With an investment of 2%, the value of the investment in 18 years will be 28,565 K. Pensions have not lost value and have multiplied slightly. So Cle was reached. Only with an investment with an income of 8%, the value of the investment will be 79,920 K in 18 years. So more! The return on investment in the long run is too much and very much in line with. Investments with a small input are more profitable, but at the same time we are looking for very interesting investments. High return is very important for long-term investments. As long as the pint several times in profit did not have an input.

We know that we do not want maximum input, that this input has its “buts”. “But” means risk of entry. Therefore, let’s talk about the inputs that will suit you best. At the same time, let’s look at the risks. What we have to endure or at least allow to achieve the input.


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